Steve Litchfield

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Steve Litchfield
Residence Reading, Berkshire, UK
Nationality British
Education Oxford University
Occupation Journalist
Known for All About Symbian, The Phones Show
Title Writer
Spouse(s) Fiona Litchfield (m. 1989)[1]
Children 1 daughter[2]

Steve Litchfield is a writer, editor and presenter, best known for his work in the mobile industry for publications like "All About Symbian", "Smartphone Essentials magazine" and the podcasts "The Phones Show" and "Phones Show Chat".


Trained in physics at Oxford University from 1980 to 1983, Steve programmed for, and ran computer systems for, aerospace firms until 1993, when he started the semi-official Psion (palmtop) shareware library, distributing on floppy disk to users round the world. This became CD-based[3] in 2000, though with the rise of the Internet, the need for physical software distribution tailed off quickly.

Steve was the main writer and editor on Palmtop magazine, created by Steve Clack, of Bicester, running from 1995 until about 2002. This was mail order only throughout its life, growing from a 48-page stapled booklet to a professionally bound 140-page mini-book by the end of its run. The original schedule was every two months. Steve also helped the introduction of PalmUser magazine and then eventually the merging of the two into the cross-platform Palmtop User magazine, which eventually folded around 2005, again due to competition from Internet-based publications.

From 2001, Steve wrote for PDA Essentials magazine (published by Paragon Publishing, which was then sold to Highbury House Communications, now defunct) in the UK – this was eventually renamed to Smartphone Essentials[4] but eventually folded by Imagine Publishing in 2011.

From 2002, Steve joined the writing team[5] on All About Symbian, which is still active in the present day, along with a sister project, All About Windows Phone.

In May 2013, Steve diversified again, starting writing major reviews for Android Beat,[6] and for Android.Appstorm.[7] From 2015, he also now writes for iPhonehacks.[8]

Steve has also guested on several official manufacturer web blogs, usually writing about mobile phone photography.[9]

From 2006, Steve has been podcasting in video form[10] (via RSS/MP4 initially and then later via YouTube as well) as The Smartphones Show, renamed in 2009 to just The Phones Show. A companion audio podcast has been running since 2010, which Steve co-hosts with Ted Salmon.