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Steve MacIsaac is a Canadian comics artist and creator living in Los Angeles.[1] His work, consisting of adult and erotic comics, has been selected for several "Best of" anthologies.

MacIsaac may be best known for working on the gay graphic novel Sticky (2006) with writer Dale Lazarov.[2] However his work has appeared in a number of other places. He writes and draws a series called Shirtlifter. His stories have been featured in Big Love, Stripped, I Like It Like That, and Boy Trouble.[1] Stories by MacIsaac have been chosen for Best Erotic Comics and The Best American Comics 2010.[2]

MacIsaac has commented on how some of his work is displayed in "the porn section"[3] of stores but says "...what I’m doing is no different in terms of explicitness than a lot of underground comics in the 1960’s, like Robert Crumb or Spain."[3]


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