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Steve Maich is the editor of Canadian Business and was appointed to the position in July 2009. He was previously a business columnist at Maclean's magazine.[1] His articles focus primarily on business and public policy. He graduated from St. Robert Catholic High School in Thornhill, Ontario in 1993, and obtained a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of King's College in 1998.[2]

Generally considered a conservative, Maich has written articles defending Wal-Mart, arguing for the sale of Canadian water to the United States, and against the Kyoto Protocol. However, his articles have also argued for greater foreign aid, for more public spending on education, and he has been sharply critical of Western companies aiding human rights abuses in China and elsewhere. Steve Maich has also been quoted in many classic debate rounds regarding the issue of Wal-Mart.

Prior to joining Maclean's Maich worked for the National Post, Bloomberg News and the Halifax Chronicle-Herald.


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