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Steve Roslonek

Steve Roslonek (born September 12, 1971) is an American children's music performer whose band SteveSongs has garnered several awards from parenting organizations, such as the Parents' Choice Award and the iParenting Media Awards. His music is featured on the Miss Lori and Hooper segments of PBS Kids Preschool Destination, where he appears as "Mr. Steve" and performs original songs between other programs.[1]

Prior to his career as a recording artist, Roslonek graduated from Wesleyan University[2] and performed with a professional a cappella group on Martha's Vineyard.[3] After graduation, he worked as a business and technology consultant with Andersen Consulting. He began performing in 1997 and moved to a full-time recording career in 1999. He tours extensively around the country, performing between 200 and 400 concerts in a year.[4]

Roslonek resides with his wife and children in Wethersfield, Connecticut.


  • Morning 'Til Night: Parents' Choice Silver Award (2008)
  • On a Flying Guitar: Parents' Choice Gold Award (2008)
  • The King, the Mice and the Cheese (2007)
  • Little Superman: Parents' Choice Silver Award (2007)
  • Marvelous Day!: Parents' Choice Gold Award (2006)
  • Music Time with SteveSongs, Volume 1: Features songs from his appearances on PBS Kids
  • "Music Time with SteveSongs, Volume 2" Music from Mr, Steve's 2010-2011 Appearances on TV.
  • "Orangutan Van!" (2013) this was Steve's 1st album in 5 years at the time at which it was released.


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