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Stagger-EZ is a unique three place pusher canard aircraft, featuring staggered seating, a dihedral canard, and a rounder fuselage which differs from other canard aircraft in its class (e.g. Cozy MK IV, Velocity, Long-Ez). The aircraft has standard LongEZ wings and a redesigned fuselage. It was designed by a composite craftsman and pilot by the name of Steve Wright. After completing a VariEZe, Steve Wright found it to be a good design but small and lacking in features he wanted. He flew over a thousand hours in his VariEZe but wanted to build a second canard. He learned that a couple of pilots had suffered broken legs in Long-EZ accidents. So Steve began his design of a new canard that would incorporate several improvements. In 1999 he started by laying a keel down the center of the composite fuselage, which in turn caused the nose wheel to be moved to the right several inches. That improved legroom for the PIC position on the left. The reduced area on the right floor board did not allow for dual rudder pedals. The rods that control the elevator and aileron where positioned in a center console rather than down each side like a Cozy III. The right seater stick is 13 inches behind the left seater. Thus the right seat is "Staggered" back 13 inches. Lastly, a third seat is in the back behind the left seat. With a 42 inch wide fuselage, Steve ordered a custom canopy be made that is at least 20% larger than a Cozy III. The canopy does not open to the side, but is electric and moves up and back like many jet aircraft. Another major change was made to the landing gear. It was moved out and anchored in the strake area. (Any rocks or debris kicked up by the main landing gear are outside of the propeller arc.) Steve also incorporated a simpler fuel system. A central sump connects both fuel tanks. So the Stagger EZ has only one fuel cap but still holds 43 gallons. The Stagger EZ flew for the first time in 2004. Steve flew the Stagger EZ to EAA's "Sun-N-Fun" Fly-In and received "Grand Champion" in the home built category in 2005. Steve and Patricia Wright flew the Stagger EZ until 2009 when Steve came down with cancer. Steve died from melanoma cancer in May 2010. David Williford purchased the StaggerEZ in May 2011. He flew it for 50 hours before having to ground it for a major restoration which lasted almost two years. The Stagger EZ still flies today because of both Steve Wright and David Williford. For more information please visit

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