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Steve and Eydie

Steve and Eydie is the name of an American pop vocal duet, consisting of Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormé. They were a husband and wife team from their wedding in 1957 until Eydie's death in 2013. Both have also had separate careers as solo singers. The performer name on their duet releases was denoted as "Steve and Eydie", without the last names. Eydie was born as Edith Gormezano, while Steve's birth name was Sidney Leibowitz.

They recorded on various labels including Coral and ABC-Paramount in the 1950s, United Artists, Columbia, and RCA in the 1960s, MGM in the 1970s, and others on to the present. Their last US chart record "Hallelujah", was shown as Parker and Penny.

Their 1960 song "We Got Us" was not released as a hit single but was the title tune on an ABC-Paramount LP album. The album earned them a Grammy Award that year.

In November 2009, Steve Lawrence embarked on a musical tour without Eydie, who stayed home for health reasons. The Steve and Eydie official website confirmed in late 2010 that Eydie is officially retired from touring, due to health reasons, and Lawrence would be touring alone from then on.[1]

Eydie Gormé died on August 10, 2013, six days shy of her 85th birthday.[2]

Notable duet singles[edit]

Coral label:
1954 - Make Yourself Comfortable
1955 - Close Your Eyes (Take a Deep Breath)

ABC-Paramount label:
1960 - This Could Be the Start Of Something Big (CB #113)

United Artists:
1960 - The Facts Of Life (from the movie)
1961 - Cozy (EP)

1963 - I Want To Stay Here (US #28, CB # 28, US AC #8, UK #3)
1963 - I Can't Stop Talking About You (US #35, CB #51, US AC #14)
1964 - Happy Holiday
1966 - The Honeymoon Is Over (US AC #14)
1967 - Summer Summer Wind

Calendar label:
1968 - The Two Of Us (US AC #33)

RCA Victor:
1968 - Hurry Home For Christmas
1969 - Real True Lovin' (US AC #20)
1970 - (You're My) Soul & Inspiration (US AC #21)
1971 - Love Is Blue/Autumn Leaves (US AC #37)

1971 - Lead Me On
1972 - We Can Make it Together (with The Osmonds) (US #68, CB #64, US AC #7)
1973 - Feelin' (US AC #31)

Warner Bros:
1979 - Hallelujah (As "Parker and Penny") (US AC #46)


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