Steven Ameche

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Steven Ameche
Born Steven Amici
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Occupation Attorney[1]

Steven Ameche is an American lawyer.

Ameche began his career as a musician playing with such notables as Janet Jackson,[2] Philip Bailey,[3] Gary US Bonds and many others.[4] In 1983 Ameche was asked to perform as an actor–musician on MGM's television series Fame.[5] He became a full-time actor from 1983 through 1988, performing on Knots Landing,[6] Knight Rider (1982 TV series)Knight Rider,[7] Murder She Wrote,[8] Fame[5] and many others. His film credits include Casual Sex and Mikki & Maude.[9] Ameche studied his acting process and was trained by Darryl Hickman. In 1988 Ameche won the lead role of Kaspar from the acclaimed Peter Handke play which was later taken to the Edinburgh Festival (Scotland).[10]

Ameche left acting/music and became a licensed attorney.[11] Ameche entered the field of entertainment and constitutional law. In 1999 Ameche became a producer at King World/CBS and worked directly under President and CEO Roger King.[12] Ameche worked as both an entertainment attorney and a producer through 2006. Ameche was counsel to Matthew Katz who was an original plaintiff during the famous Napster copyright infringement litigation of the early 2000s. As an attorney, producer, and/or actor Ameche has worked with Steven Spielberg, Debbie Allen, Roger King, Michael King, Stacy Keach, Kelly Osbourne, Bob Clark, Katy Perry, Ed Marinaro and many others.[13][14][15]


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