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Steven F. Havill is an American author of mysteries and westerns.

Havill lives in Datil, New Mexico, with his wife Kathleen. He has written two series of police procedurals set in the fictional Posadas County, New Mexico; along with other works.

Novels of the American West[edit]

  • The Killer (1981)
  • The Worst Enemy (1984)
  • LeadFire (1985)
  • TimberBlood (1989)

The Bill Gastner mystery series[edit]

Set in the fictional Posadas County, New Mexico, this series features septuagenerian Bill Gastner as Undersheriff, then Sheriff, of Posadas County.

The Posadas County mystery series[edit]

This series focuses on Undersheriff Estella Reyes-Guzman, after Bill Gastner's retirement.

Dr. Thomas Parks novels[1][edit]

Anthology contributions[edit]