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Steven Kanumba
Steven Kanumba.jpg
Born Steven Charles Kanumba
(1984-01-08)8 January 1984
Shinyanga, Tanzania
Died 7 April 2012(2012-04-07) (aged 28)[1]
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Cause of death Brain Concussion
Residence Tanzania
Nationality Tanzanian
Other names Kanumba The Great
Education University of Dar es Salaam by Dr. Nyoni, Jitegemee Secondary School in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Occupation Actor, singer, writer, director, producer, comedian
Known for Kanumba
Title Steven Kanumba.
Religion Christian

Steven Charles Kanumba (8 January 1984 – 7 April 2012) was a Tanzanian actor and director. Kanumba died in 2012 at the age of 28 and about 20,000 people are estimated to attend his funeral. (Some sources estimated the total to be 30,000). He was described as "Tanzania's most popular film star"[2] and appeared in Nollywood films.

Early life[edit]

Kanumba was born into a Sukuma family in the Shinyanga Region in Northern Tanzania.[3] His father was Charles Kanumba and his mother was Ms. Flora Mutegoa.[1] Kanumba had two older sisters. Kanumba began his studies at Bugoyi Primary School and continued with his secondary studies at Mwadui Secondary School, later transferring to Vosa Mission Secondary School.[4] He spoke three languages fluently: Swahili, Sukuma and English.


Kanumba began acting in the 1990s in church productions. In 2002, he joined the theater group Kaole Arts Group. He appeared in the television soap operas Jahazi and Dira and made his film debut in Haviliki. In 2006 he met Nazz who gave him advices and further connection to his career appeared in Dar 2 Lagos, a film by Mtitu Game that used both Tanzanian and Nigerian actors and crew.[5] He also appeared in such films as She is My Sister, This Is It, and Love Gamble. In 2009, The production of Prince Matenga Patrick he was a special celebrity guest on Big Brother Africa 4. In 2011, he was named an Oxfam GROW Ambassador.[6] Shortly before his death he had been preparing for his first Hollywood film role[1] although he was already "Tanzania's most popular film star"[2] and appeared in Nollywood films.


Kanumba died after he fell down in his bedroom on 7 April 2012, apparently from a blow to the head.[7] His 17-year-old girlfriend at that time, Elizabeth Michael also known as Lulu was questioned , the actress denied to cause the death of kanumba [8] Kanumba was taken unconscious to Muhimbili National Referral Hospital where he was declared dead.[2] His funeral was attended by around 30,000 people including the first lady of Tanzania, Salma Kikwete,[9] The Vice President, Dr. Mohamed Gharib Bilal, and the minister for culture and sport, Emmanuel Nchimbi.[10] He was buried in Kinondoni Cemetery.[1]



  • Jahazi
  • Dira
  • Zizimo
  • Tufani
  • Sayari
  • Taswira
  • Gharika
  • Baragumu


As actor[edit]

  • Haviliki
  • Neno
  • Ulingo
  • Riziki ( with Blandina Chagula)
  • Sikitiko Langu ( with Nuru Nassoro ,Vincent Kigosi and Mahsein Awadh)
  • Dangerous Desire ( with Vincent Kigosi,Nuru Nasoro and Blandina Chagula)
  • She is My Sister ( with Mercy Johnson , Nkiru Sylvanus and Yvonne Cherryl)
  • Penina ( with Mahsein Awadh, Emmanuel Myamba)
  • Cross My Sin ( with Mercy Johnson, Suzan Lewis )
  • A Point Of No Return ( with Wema Sepetu , Mahsein Awadh)
  • The Lost Twins ( with Lucky Peter, Elizabeth Michael, Suzan Lewis)
  • The Stolen Will ( with Eizabeth Chijumba , Immaculate Aloyce)
  • Village Pastor ( with Aunt Ezekiel)
  • Magic House ( with Nargis Mohamed , Issa Mussa)
  • Oprah ( with Irene Uwoya and Vincent Kigosi)
  • Red Valentine ( with Wema Sepetu, Jacquline Wolper)
  • Family Tears ( With Elizabeth Michael , Wema Sepetu and Richard Bezednhout)
  • The Movie’s Director (with Mercy Johnson, Nkiru Sylvanus,Elizabeth Chijumba,Olufemi ogdegbe)
  • Fake Smile ( with Aunt Ezekiel, Yobnesh yusuph)
  • Unfortunate Love( with Lisa Jensen , Aunt Ezekiel , Elizabeth Michael )
  • Hero Of The Church( with Princess Sheila, Issa Musa, Juma kilowoko)
  • Saturday Morning'( with Shamsa Ford , Hemed Suleiman, Issa Musa)
  • Shauku
  • Crazy Love ( with Shamsa Ford, Hemed Suleiman, Issa Musa , Elizabeth Michael)
  • 2006 Johari[5] ( with Blandina Chagula and Vincent Kigosi)
  • 2006 Dar 2 Lagos[5] ( with Mercy Johnson, Nancy Okeke,Bimbo Akintola)
  • 2010 More Than Pain ( with Lisa Jensen and Rose Ndauka)
  • 2010 Young Billionare ( with Aunt Ezekiel , Patcho Mwamba)
  • 2010 "Ripple of tears" ( with Elizabeth Michael)
  • 2010 Uncle JJ
  • 2010 This Is It
  • 2010 Off Side ( with Irene Uwoya, Vincent Kigosi and Jacob Steven)
  • 2010 Payback ( with Yvonne Cherryl , Yusuph Mlela)
  • 2010 Black Sunday ( with Yvonne Cherryl , Yusuph Mlela, Hemed Suleiman)
  • 2011 Saturday Morning ( with Irene Paul)
  • 2011 Deception ( with Rose Ndauka, Patcho Mwamba)
  • 2011 Devil Kingdom ( with Ramsey Noah , Kajala Masanja)
  • 2011 The Shock ( with shazy Sadry)
  • 2011 Moses ( With Suzan Lewis ,Shazy Sadri)
  • 2012 big daddy
  • 2012 because of you ( with Rose Ndauka)
  • 2012 neno la mwisho
  • 2012 Ndoa Yangu ( with Jacquline Wolper)
  • 2012 Love & Power(final movie) ( with Irene Paul and Patcho Mwamba)

As director[edit]

  • Mr Bahili
  • Kaka Benny
  • Lango La Jiji
  • Papara
  • Super Model
  • 2010 Young Billionare
  • 2010 More Than Pain

Awards And Nominations[edit]

Year Event Prize Recipient Result
2008 Vinara Movie Awards Lifetime Achievement Award Himself Won
2010 Mini -Ziff Awards Best Movie This is It Won
Filamu Central Website Awards ( Best Of 2010) Best Actor Himself Won
Best Producer Won
2010 SFC awards Best Actor himself Won
2011 Zanzibar International Film Festival Best Actor Devils Kingdom Won
Best Movie In Sound Won
2012 Baab Kubwa Magazine Awards Best Actor himself Won
2013 Steps Entertainments Awards Best Selling Movie Ndoa Yangu Won
Best Movie Of The Year Kijiji Cha Tambua Haki Won
Posthumuos Award Himself Won
2014 Tanzania People's Choice Awards (Tuzo za watu) Favourite Movie Ndoa Yangu Won
2015 Tanzania Film Awards Tribute Personality Award Himself Won
Proin Promotions Awards Best Actor Himself Won


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