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Steven Rinella
Born (1974-02-13) February 13, 1974 (age 44)
OccupationOutdoorsman, television personality, conservationist, writer

Steven Rinella (born February 13, 1974) is an American outdoorsman, conservationist, writer, and television personality known for translating the hunting and fishing lifestyle to a wide variety of audiences. He is the author of The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game vol. 1 and vol 2, The Scavenger's Guide to Haute Cuisine, American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon, and most recently, Meat Eater: Adventures from the Life of an American Hunter. In addition to writing, he is the host of MeatEater, the first hunting television series to be featured on Netflix. In January 2015, Rinella created the MeatEater Podcast, which ranked as the number one podcast in the "outdoor" category on iTunes. The MeatEater Podcast with Steven Rinella covers hunting, fishing, nature, wildlife conservation, and wild foods with humor, irreverence, and plenty of unexpected viewpoints and surprising trivia. Recorded on the road from locations around the World, the podcast features a recurring cast of guests with their own unique areas of outdoor expertise.

Early life[edit]

Steven Rinella was born in Twin Lake, Michigan on February 13, 1974. He grew up in Twin Lake along with his two older brothers, Matthew and Daniel Rinella, who were taught to hunt and fish at an early age by their father.

Media career[edit]



Steven Rinella is the host of MeatEater, a weekly half-hour series that airs on the outdoor channel. The show is based on Rinella's hunting adventures in such locations as Montana (deer, elk); Alaska (waterfowl, mountain goat, Dall sheep, caribou, black bear); Mexico (wild turkey, buffalo); New Zealand (tahr, chamois, red stag); Arizona (mountain lion, Coues deer); Wisconsin (white-tailed deer, rabbit); and California (wild pigs, quail, and turkey.) The show offers a defense of the hunting lifestyle, and makes the case that hunters are obligated to be stewards of the land and protectors of their chosen prey species. The episodes include rudimentary food preparations after the hunt. Examples include a deer's heart wrapped in caul fat and roasted over a fire, javelina meat boiled inside the animal's own stomach, as well as more common preparations. The series premiered on January 1, 2012, and has completed its seventh season.

The Wild Within[edit]

Prior to MeatEater, Rinella hosted The Wild Within, an 8-episode series on the Travel Channel


Meat Eater: Adventures from the Life of an American Hunter[edit]

Meat Eater chronicles Rinella's lifelong relationship with nature and hunting through the lens of ten hunts, beginning when he was an aspiring mountain man at age ten and ending as a thirty-seven-year-old Brooklyn father who hunts in the remotest corners of North America. He tells of having a struggling career as a fur trapper just as fur prices were falling; of a dalliance with catch-and-release steelhead fishing; of canoeing in the Missouri Breaks in search of mule deer just as the Missouri River was freezing up one November; and of hunting the elusive Dall sheep in the glaciated mountains of Alaska.

American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon[edit]

In 2005, Steven Rinella won a lottery permit to hunt for a wild buffalo, or American bison, in the Alaskan wilderness. American Buffalo is a narrative tale of Rinella’s hunt but beyond that, it is the story of the many ways in which the buffalo has shaped our national identity. American Buffalo was published in 2008 by Spiegel and Grau. The book documents Rinella’s adventures tracking, killing, and butchering of a buffalo in the context of the natural history of the buffalo throughout the entirety of its existence on North America. Part hunting odyssey, part natural history, American Buffalo vividly describes the adventurous hunt in harmony with heavily researched, non-fiction writing about the history of the buffalo.

The Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine[edit]

After stumbling upon Auguste Escoffier’s 1903 culinary milestone Le Guide Culinaire, outdoorsman, avid hunter, and nature writer Steven Rinella embarks on an unusual quest: to procure all necessary ingredients for a forty-five-course meal, born entirely of Escoffier’s esoteric wild game recipes.

Awards and nominations[edit]

In 2012, MeatEater was nominated for four Sportsman Choice Awards for Best New Series, Best Host, Best Hunting Show and Best Educational Show [1]

In 2011, The Wild Within was a James Beard Awards finalist for best Television Program, On Location.[2]

American Buffalo won a number of awards including the Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Award[3] and the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award.[4] It was also chosen by as a Book of the Month selection[5] and by the San Francisco Chronicle as one of the best fifty non-fiction books of 2008.[6]


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