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Steven J. Rosenbaum
Born1961 (age 59–60)
Alma materSkidmore College
OccupationEntrepreneur, filmmaker

Steven J. Rosenbaum (born 1961) is an American entrepreneur and filmmaker. Rosenbaum is the Executive Director of the NYC Media Lab, a consortium of New York University programs. He was a Resident at TED in New York City[1] and holds two patents in the areas of video curation and advertising technology.


Rosenbaum founded Broadcast News Network (BNN).[2] He also acted as the company's executive producer for the company's main program Broadcast New York.[3] In 1991 the show was awarded a New York Regional Emmy for "Outstanding Magazine Format Programming",[4] and "Outstanding Issues Programming - Segments". Later, Rosenbaum was nominated for a national Emmy Award for "Exceptional Merit In Nonfiction Filmmaking" for the film With All Deliberate Speed'[5]

In 1995, he created MTV News: Unfiltered; a half-hour show on MTV featuring first-person stories provided by viewers and curated by the show's producers. The show would typically feature content not covered by traditional media and was the first commercial use of UGC, User-Generated Content.[6]

In 2001, while working on a shoot for Animal Planet, he witnessed the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. He directed his five film crews to Manhattan to capture the devastating aftermath of the attacks. This footage would later become the award-winning documentary "7 Days in September"[7](winner of CINE Golden Eagle[8] and Telly Award[9]) and go on to become a research archive of meticulously curated amateur video known as The CameraPlanet Archive The 500 Hours of 9/11 [10]) which Rosenbaum donated to the National 9/11 Memorial Museum.[11]

Later in 2001, he launched; a web-based video shop that created television content and encouraged users to create their own content by providing them with tips on how to tell their own story. The site featured many categories like "beaches" and "pets" and each video featured about four minutes of footage created entirely by the users.[12]

In 2005, he was nominated for an Emmy Award for Exceptional Merit in Nonfiction Filmmaking for his work in "With All Deliberate Speed" for the Discovery Channel. The documentary, which was released to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education ruling of 1954, examines via newsreel footage and interviews the events that led to the landmark decision.[13]

In 2006, he founded, a New York-based startup focused on developing a video aggregation and curation platform. The company spent seven years building a steady business providing tools to enterprise clients who wished to manage and curate their own channels of video content.

In 2013 Magnify acquired Waywire, a video-sharing website founded by the former Mayor of Newark, Cory Booker. In April 2014, adopted the Waywire name for its existing enterprise software business. One of the main objectives of the acquisition was to build a consumer-facing business around the curation of videos online.[14]

Rosenbaum has also acted as a Member of the Social Media Week: New York advisory board,[15] as a Member of the FASTPACK 200 and was also named the first-Ever Entrepreneur at Large for the New York City Economic Development Corporation, offering his expertise as an author and curator to help startup businesses in the New York Area grow and develop.[16]


Rosenbaum's passion for curation and content discovery innovation resulted in two inventions, and the awarding of two patents in the areas of video curation and advertising technology. Just a year after YouTube was founded, Rosenbaum filed Patent No. 8,117,545 "Hosted video discovery and publishing platform" which was granted in 2012.[17] And in 2014 Patent No. 208,812,956 "Video curation platform with pre-roll advertisements for discovered content"

Public speaking[edit]

Rosenbaum is a sought after public speaker, with two TED Talks to his name, and a number of well-regarded talks at industry leading conferences including SXSW, CES, and Dev:Learn and Brite.


As a producer

  • 2006 God Grew Tired of Us (Documentary) (executive producer)
  • 2004 With All Deliberate Speed (Documentary) (executive producer)
  • 2004 Staffers (TV Series documentary) (executive producer)
  • 2002 Strictly Personal (TV Series) (executive producer - 2002-2003)
  • 2002 Dog Days (TV Mini-Series documentary) (executive producer)
  • 2002 7 Days in September (Documentary) (executive producer)
  • 2002 Facing Arthur (Documentary short) (executive producer)
  • 2001 I-Witness[18] (TV Series documentary) (executive producer - 2003)
  • 2000 MSNBC Investigates (TV Series documentary) (executive producer - 1 episode)
  • 1997 48 Hours (TV Series documentary) (executive producer - 1 episode)
  • 1996 Investigative Reports (TV Series) (executive producer - 3 episodes)
  • 1995 MTV News: Unfiltered (TV Series documentary) (executive producer)

As a director

  • 2004 Staffers (TV Series documentary)
  • 2003 Journalists: Killed in the Line of Duty (TV Movie documentary)
  • 2002 Dog Days (TV Mini-Series documentary)
  • 2002 7 Days in September (Documentary)
  • 2002 Doctors' Diaries (TV Series documentary)


Additionally, Steve Rosenbaum is a frequent writer for websites including MediaPost Forbes, The Huffington Post and The Columbia Journalism Review.

Personal life[edit]

Steve is married and has two children. He currently resides in New York City.


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