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Steven Sebring (born 1966) photographer, filmmaker and multimedia artist, is known for a distinctive style that merges raw realism with high-end fashion. His distinguished celebrity and rock n' roll portraiture including the faces of Patti Smith, Neil Young, Joey Ramone, Alec Baldwin, Phillip Glass, JFK Jr., and Bill Gates, have been seen internationally through Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, and ELLE. Over the past two decades, Sebring has photographed and directed international campaigns for brands as diverse as MAC, Joe Fresh, Reed Krakoff, Ralph Lauren, Maybelline, DKNY and Coach to name a few.

Dream of Life[edit]

In 1995, Sebring’s distinguished celebrity and rock n’ roll portraiture led to a meeting with the legendary Patti Smith, resulting in their 11-year documentary and Sebring’s directorial debut, Patti Smith: Dream of Life.[1] The film won a 2008 Sundance Award for Excellence In Cinematography and earned a 2010 Primetime Emmy nomination. Together, Sebring and Smith produced Objects of Life[2] (2010) at the Robert Miller Gallery, Illumination (2011) at Milk Gallery, and also the book Patti Smith: Dream of Life (2009), which chronicles Smith's personal artifacts and Sebring's intimate photographs.

While working on Dream of Life, Sebring also published Lalanne (2006), which archives the lives and works of François-Xavier Lalanne and Claude Lalanne. The French artist duo is known for their belief that "the supreme art is the art of living”, as captured through Sebring’s intimate photography and stunning portraiture.

In 2010, Sebring began publishing interactive applications to accompany his printed works, photographs, films and installations, starting with an interactive application of Patti Smith: Dream Of Life.

Bygone Days[edit]

In 2010 that same year he published an application of Bygone Days,[3] a book Sebring published in 2005 as a tribute to the fading American frontier. The book featured photos by John Penor, who was born 1910 in Bison, South Dakota. A true American cowboy, he spent his entire life in the same sod house on his homestead, tending to horses and cattle. In the 1940s and 50s, he took it upon himself to photograph the world around him: horses, bison, rodeos, baseball games, family picnics, town fairs, and parades down Main Street. The photos were then put in a box, tucked away, and lay in wait for decades. It was not until John Penor's grand nephew Sebring stumbled upon this same box and discovered the incredible collection of negatives it contained, that Penor’s experiences and observations would be brought back to life. Sebring retrieved the negatives, printed the images, and lovingly arranged them into the book, Bygone Days, letting them breathe for the first time in half a century.[citation needed]

George Harrison App[edit]

In early 2012, Sebring released an app exploring the guitars, mythology and history of George Harrison. Each app comes to life as a rich multimedia experience: a compilation of vintage photography, video clips, audio fragments, and 360-degree photography of symbolic artifacts.

Revolution System Launch - Armory Show[edit]

After 3 years of in-depth study, artistic and technological development, and unyielding passion, Sebring launched Revolution[4] in May 2013 at the 69th Regiment Armory in New York City. Taking 360 photography to a whole new level, this exhibition, a visual symphony in four parts, consists of photographs, sculpture, interactive media and a collection of films, all created through Sebring’s one of a kind process that captures form and movement from every angle. Revolution is a photographic imaging system for true 3-D imagery for the internet and digital media. Sebring has built the camera and constantly experimented with the technology and the hardware generating unique and multiple dimensions without special effects. Revolution is pure photography with no digital effects.

Study of Pose[edit]

In 2014 Steven released Study of Pose[5] an ambitious and unique collaboration between high-fashion supermodel Coco Rocha and world-renowned photographer and film director Steven Sebring, Study of Pose is a stunning 2,032-page volume of 1,000 unique poses that celebrates the eternal beauty and versatility of the human form. The result was 100,000 completely unique images. Taking the concept one step further, each pose has the ability to become interactive in the book’s companion application that shows each pose in 360 degrees. This additional dimension brings the poses alive and invites the audience to explore the pose from all angles. Never have a photographer and muse covered so much ground in one publication. The finished product is definitive and exhaustive. It will appeal to artists, photographers, fashion fans and art lovers alike.

Penny Dreadful - Revolution[edit]

In spring of 2015 Sebring and his team travelled to Dublin, Ireland to work on location of Showtime's "Penny Dreadful" on their Season 2 launch.[6] Working with Eva Green, Timothy Dalton, Josh Hartnett, and the rest of the cast and crew resulted in pure visual poetry using the Revolution rig.



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