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Steven Soles is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, and guitarist.[1]

Known also as J. Steven Soles, he was asked by Bob Dylan to join the band for his 1975-1976 "Rolling Thunder Revue" tour, and he also played with Dylan on Street Legal and the following tour, including the live album Bob Dylan at Budokan. When that tour ended, Soles and two other members of Dylan's band, T-Bone Burnett and David Mansfield, formed The Alpha Band. The band released three albums, The Alpha Band in 1977, Spark In The Dark in 1977 and The Statue Makers of Hollywood in 1978.

Like most of the musicians in The Rolling Thunder Revue he appeared in the film Renaldo and Clara playing Ramon.

After the breakup of The Alpha Band, Soles released two solo albums, Promise in 1980, and 1982's Walk by Love, and went on to produce or perform on albums by Dylan, Burnett, The Washington Squares, Peter Case, Elvis Costello, Roger McGuinn, Don McLean, The Monkees, The 77s, Olivia Newton-John, Roy Orbison, Tonio K, Victoria Williams, Steve Scott and others.

He was part of the highly acclaimed Cinemax special Roy Orbison and Friends, A Black and White Night.


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