Stevens Creek Boulevard

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Stevens Creek Boulevard
I-280 with Apple Campus 2 aerial.jpg
The San Carlos Street/Stevens Creek Boulevard corridor with Apple Park on the top right.
LocationSanta Clara County:
West endPermanente, Santa Cruz Mountains
East endSan Carlos Street, West San Carlos, San Jose

Stevens Creek Boulevard is a major thoroughfare in Silicon Valley, spanning from San Carlos Street, in San Jose's West San Carlos district in the East to Permanente, in the Santa Cruz Mountains west of Cupertino. It is a part of the larger Stevens Creek Boulevard/San Carlos Street corridor. Freeways that intersect it include I-880, SR 85, and I-280.

Stevens Creek is the primary boulevard in West San Jose and the West Valley and one of Silicon Valley's primary shopping streets, running between San Jose's Santana Row, an upscale shopping district, and Westfield Valley Fair, one of the largest shopping malls in the United States. The boulevard is the central artery of two San Jose's future urban villages: Stevens Creek and Santana Row.[1]


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