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This article is about the surname Stevenson. For other uses, see Stevenson (disambiguation). For the related surname Stephenson, see Stephenson.
Family name
Meaning "son of Steven"
(from Greek stephanos, meaning "crown")
Region of origin England
Language(s) of origin English
Related names DeStefano, DiStefano, Estébanez, Esteves, Estévez, Estevez, Istvánffy, Istvánfi, Stefanenko, Ştefănescu, Stefanovski, Stefánsson, Stefánsson, Stefanou, Stefanović, Stefanowicz, Steffensen, Stepanenko, Stepanov, Stepanović, Stepanosyan, Stepanyan, Stephanopoulos, Stephenson, Steponavičius, Stevanović, Stjepanović, Szczepanowicz
Footnotes: Frequency comparisons[1]

Stevenson is an English language patronymic surname meaning "son of Steven". Its first historical record is from pre-10th-century England.[2] Another origin of the name is as a toponymic surname related to the place Stevenstone in Devon, England.[3]

Notable people sharing this surname include:

Extended families:

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