Stevie Shears

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Stevie Shears
Also known as Steve Shears, Steven Shears[1]
Born 1954 or 1955 (sources vary)
Origin Dagenham, Essex, England
Genres New wave, synthpop, glam rock
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Guitar, bass, keyboards, drums
Years active 1973–present
Associated acts John Foxx, Tiger Lily, Ultravox!, New Men, Cowboys International, Ken Lockie, Faith Global
Notable instruments
Gibson guitar
Fender Stratocaster
Fender Telecaster
Selmer amplifier (Tiger Lily)[2]
VOX amplifier

Stevie Shears (born 1954/1955)[3] is an English musician known for playing in the rock bands Tiger Lily and Ultravox! (later Ultravox), alongside electronic musician John Foxx.


Tiger Lily and Ultravox![edit]

Working in a paint factory[4] and playing in different bands[5] in Dagenham, Essex, he made contact with John Foxx and formed Tiger Lily in 1973 (together with bassist Chris Cross). Later, Tiger Lily changed its name to Ultravox! (later known simply as Ultravox). Between February and March 1978,[6][7] after releasing with this band the Ultravox! (early 1977) and Ha! Ha! Ha! (1977) albums, he was dropped by his bandmates, who saw him as a limiting factor for the progress of the band, being replaced by Robin Simon.[8]

Post-Ultravox! bands[edit]

After Ultravox!, Shears formed a band with his friend Ice, real name Roland Oxland, bassist of Gloria Mundi. Gloria Mundi and Ultravox! were friends from the UK live music scene. Gloria Mundi featured Eddie Maelov and Sunshine Patterson who, as Eddie & Sunshine, would support Ultravox on their 1981 Rage In Eden tour. Gloria Mundi's saxophonist CC also played on 'Hiroshima Mon Amour' from Ultravox's second album Ha! Ha! Ha! (1977). Later Shears and Jason Guy formed a duo called New Men. This was short lived as Shears left to join Cowboys International, in early 1980, replacing Adam Ant's guitarist Marco Pirroni. In 1981 and with Cowboys International dissolved, he collaborated with the band's singer, Ken Lockie, on his solo album, The Impossible.

Shears never having lost contact with Guy, collaborated under the name of Faith Global, and released an EP called Earth Report (1982) and an album called The Same Mistakes (1983) both on Survival Records. Faith Global was short lived, and these two records remain their only recordings.

As of 2000, he was still playing guitar.[9]


When Ultravox! was Tiger Lily, he used a Gibson SG guitar.[10]

Also while with Ultravox, he played a white Fender Telecaster and a Fender Stratocaster.[11]


With Tiger Lily:

With Ultravox!:

With Cowboys International:

With Ken Lockie:

With Faith Global:


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