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The Stewart Dry Goods company of Louisville, Kentucky, commonly referred to as Stewart's, consisted of seven department stores in Kentucky and Indiana. It was a division of Associated Dry Goods in New York City.[1]

In the 1980s, Associated Dry Goods merged the Stewart's stores into its sister L. S. Ayres division. After the Associated Dry Goods merger with May Department Stores in 1986,[1] most of its former locations in Louisville were sold to Ben Snyder's, then later shuttered or sold to Hess's in 1987.

In 1992, the last former Stewart's at Washington Square Mall in Evansville, Indiana was shuttered by L. S. Ayres.

The Stewart's Dry Goods Company Building at 501 S. 4th St. is listed at a Building of Local Significance on the National Register of Historic Places in Louisville, Kentucky.[2]

The front of the downtown Louisville store is featured in one of the very first scenes from the 1981 movie Stripes in which two teens dash out of a cab driven by actor Bill Murray without paying the fare and a passenger played by actress Fran Ryan is picked up.


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