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Stewart Ferris is a British writer from Chichester and television presenter. He first came to prominence with books based on working holidays busking in mainland Europe; The Buskers' Guide to Europe, Don't Lean Out of the Window and Don't Mention the War, co-authored with Paul Bassett and featuring their friend and later publishing colleague Alastair Williams.[1] He was nominated one of Britain's 'Most Eligible Bachelors' by Company magazine (1996) and wrote a series of humorous guides to relationships and dating.

His television work includes writing episodes of Pokémon, co-writing and performing the theme song to Channel 4's Meet Ricky Gervais, and writing and presenting the documentary The Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau (July 2006).

He has written over forty books, including The Key to The Da Vinci Code (Crombie Jardine, 2005), Tish and Pish: How to be of a Speakingness like Stephen Fry (Summersdale, 2005) and How to be a Writer (Summersdale, 2004).


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