Stewart McKenny

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Stewart McKenny
Stewart McKenny.jpg
Stewart McKenny self-portrait
Nationality Australian
Area(s) Artist
Notable works
Clone Wars Adventures
Super Friends

Stewart McKenny is an Australian comic book artist, who has been described as "one of Australia's most prolifically published comic book artists".[1]


McKenny has worked on Star Wars comics, including Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, as well as working with Eddie Campbell on Captain America. He is currently working for DC on the new children's title, Super Friends.

McKenny’s British small press work includes contributions to FutureQuake. His cover for FutureQuake #6 was featured in a full-page reprint in the Judge Dredd Megazine (Feb 2006). In Australia, he has contributed to Zero Assassin, Tango Quattro, Pop Culture & Two Minute Noodles, Rex Hellwig and The Watch.


Comics work includes: