Stewart Mountain Dam

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Stewart Mountain Dam
Stewart Mountain Dam.jpg
Stewart Mountain Dam
Country United States of America
Location Maricopa County, Arizona
Coordinates 33°34′00″N 111°32′08″W / 33.56667°N 111.53556°W / 33.56667; -111.53556Coordinates: 33°34′00″N 111°32′08″W / 33.56667°N 111.53556°W / 33.56667; -111.53556
Status Operational
Construction began 1928
Opening date 1930
Owner(s) United States Bureau of Reclamation
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Arch dam
Impounds Salt River
Height 207 feet (63 m)[1]
Length 1,260 feet (380 m)[1]
Elevation at crest 1,533 feet (467 m)[1]
Width (crest) 8 feet (2.4 m)[1]
Width (base) 33 feet (10 m)[1]
Dam volume 120,000 cubic yards (92,000 m3)[1]
Total capacity 73,613 acre feet (90,800,000 m3)[1]
Catchment area 6,330 square miles (16,400 km2)[1]
Surface area 1,260 acres (510 ha)[2]
Power Station
Operator(s) Salt River Project
Type Conventional
Hydraulic head 116 feet (35 m)[1]
Installed capacity 13 MW

The Stewart Mountain Dam is a concrete thin arch dam located 41 miles northeast of Phoenix, Arizona. The dam is 1,260 feet (380 m) long, 207 feet (63 m) high, and was built between 1928-30. The dam includes a 13,000 kilowatt (kW) hydroelectric generating unit that is operated by SRP (Salt River Project), an Arizona public utility. It is primarily operated during the summer months. The dam forms Saguaro Lake as it slows the passage of the Salt River in Maricopa County, Arizona. It was named after a ranch that used to be located nearby known as the Old Stewart Ranch.

The dam was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2017.



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