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Stewart Regan (born February 1964, County Durham)[1][2] is the current Chief Executive of the Scottish Football Association. He was appointed to the position on 28 July 2010, replacing Gordon Smith.[3][4]

Stewart went to the University of Hull from 1982 - 1986 to get a B.A. Hons in American Studies.[citation needed] He spent 1 year (1984-5) on student exchange at a university in California.[citation needed]

Regan worked in the brewing industry for 16 years, employed by John Smith, Bass and latterly Coors.[1] He helped to establish a Coors division in Scotland by arranging a major sponsorship deal with the Old Firm football clubs.[1] He then worked for Yorkshire County Cricket Club for over four years as chief executive.[3][4][5]

Within the first months of his appointment at the SFA, Regan had to manage the Scottish football referee strike, drafting in foreign officials as replacements.[6][7] At the same time, Hugh Dallas was removed from his position as head of referee development, amid controversy about an offensive email regarding Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the United Kingdom. Four other SFA employees were also sacked, but three of these were later reinstated.[6][8] In response to these events, Regan pledged to make the Scottish game more "urgent, transparent and speedy".[6]

Regan continued the SFA's opposition to a Great Britain team participating in the 2012 Summer Olympics.[9]


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