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Stick Figure
Frontman Scott Woodruff and Cocoa the Tour dog in 2016
Frontman Scott Woodruff and Cocoa the Tour dog in 2016
Background information
OriginDuxbury, Massachusetts, U.S.
San Diego, California, U.S.
GenresRoots reggae, dub
Years active2006 (2006)–present
LabelsRuffwood Records
Associated actsCollie Buddz
Slightly Stoopid
The Green
The Expendables
The Movement
Tribal Seeds
  • Scott Woodruff
  • KBong
  • Kevin Offitzer
  • Tommy Suliman
  • Johnny Cosmic

Stick Figure is an American reggae and dub band founded in 2006 and based in Southern California.[1] The group has released seven full-length albums and one instrumental album, all of which were written and produced by frontman and self-taught multi-instrumentalist Scott Woodruff.[2] The live band consists of vocalist, producer and guitarist Scott Woodruff, keyboardist Kevin Bong, drummer Kevin Offitzer, bassist Tommy Suliman and keyboardist, backup vocalist and guitarist Johnny Cosmic. Cocoa, an Australian Shepherd, often joins the band onstage, and has accordingly been nicknamed Cocoa the Tour Dog.[2][3]


Early career[edit]

Stick Figure was founded in 2006 as a one-man band by multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Scott Woodruff. Woodruff, originally from his hometown of Duxbury, Massachusetts, began playing instruments at the age of 9, and was primarily drawn to reggae.[1] His style of layering tracks to create songs was particularly inspired by Keller Williams who utilized a looping method to create music.

Woodruff began writing and producing music in 2006, which incorporated roots reggae with dub, a subgenre of reggae.[2][4] As a freshman in college, Woodruff began submitting instrumental tracks to the Sublime Archive website and consequently adopted the moniker "Stick Figure", which was a take on his high school nickname because of his skinny and lanky physique.[4]

Early Releases[edit]

On December 11, 2007, Woodruff released his first album The Sound of My Addiction under Ruffwood Records (a pun on his last name).[5] Founded by Scott Woodruff, Ruffwood Records released all of Woodruff's albums to date. The Sound of My Addiction established Stick Figure's style of self-production. Woodruff created this album by "recording instruments individually, [and] layering tracks on top of one another in unison", a style he used to create subsequent albums.[2]

On January 16, 2008, Woodruff released his sophomore album, Burnin' Ocean under Ruffwood Records.[5] This album was one of the Top 10 Best Reggae Albums in 2008 on the Apple iTunes charts; notable tracks include "Burnin' Ocean", "So Good" and "We Get High".[2][6][7]

Smoke Stack and Reprise Sessions (2009–2011)[edit]

In the summer of 2009, Woodruff moved[2] to the San Diego area and shortly after released his subsequent album, Smoke Stack. This album followed the same recording style of the previous two albums where he individually recorded and layered each track to create a song. Notable songs include "Livin' It", "Hawaii Song" and "Vibes Alive".[8][9]

Smoke Stack was well-received and peaked at #8 on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart and #17 on the Heatseekers Album Chart.[10]

Next, he released The Reprise Sessions on August 3, 2010 under Ruffwood Records.[11][2] Notable tracks include "Your Way" and "Dead End Street".[7]

Burial Ground (2012)[edit]

On June 12, 2012, two years after releasing Reprise Sessions, [12] Woodruff released the fifth Stick Figure album, Burial Ground.[11]

All 14 tracks were written and produced by Woodruff, one of which features vocals by reggae singer Half Pint, and one of which features vocals from Woodruff's close friend, T.J. O'Neill.[11] Woodruff co-wrote five of the tracks with O'Neill;[13] the two had spent time traveling abroad together in Indonesia, Australia, Fiji, Thailand, and New Zealand starting in 2010, finding mutual inspiration for songwriting.[11]

The album reached #1 on the iTunes and Billboard Reggae charts,[2][14] and reached #17 on the Heatseekers Albums chart in the United States.[10]

Burial Ground met with a positive critical response, with a number of critics noting the mixing of upbeat reggae and dub. According to The Reggae Review, "Original, bass-heavy, one drop beats are consistent throughout the album, as are the subtle nuances...and sometimes not so subtle nuances....of dub. Stick Figure's digits remain firmly on the pulse of roots reggae/dub music."[13] The Pier stated, "the album represents a new milestone in Stick Figure's musical growth and innovative abilities, with more layering, instrumental transcendence, and lyrical complexity [than their previous albums]."[11]

Live touring band[edit]

Stick Figure's original live lineup.

After the release of Burial Ground in 2012, Woodruff organized a live band which then went on tour with reggae band The Green starting in September 2012. This tour included eighteen stops along the East Coast of the United States.[2]

In Spring 2013, Stick Figure embarked on their first headlining tour with stops in major cities including Boston, Austin, Denver and Chicago with multiple sold-out shows.[15][16] That year they also went on three national tours alongside reggae bands Passafire, John Brown's Body, and Tribal Seeds.[17]

In 2014, they headlined their first national tour, with numerous sold-out shows including a performance at West Hollywood's renowned Roxy Theater that sold out two weeks before the show date.[18][19][20]

Within two years of forming a live band, Stick Figure toured with other major acts including Rebelution, Slightly Stoopid, Collie Buddz, Passafire, Tribal Seeds and The Expendables.[2][21] They performed at various internationally recognized festivals including Reggae on the River, Cali Roots Festival, Life is Beautiful, Closer to the Sun, Levitate, and Bonnaroo, amongst others.[22]

Move to Northern California[edit]

In 2015, Scott Woodruff relocated from San Diego to a home in the woods in the outskirts of Santa Cruz. Immediately after relocating to his new home, Woodruff built Ruffwood Studios where he recorded the subsequent Stick Figure album, Set in Stone. Woodruff found much inspiration for this album from the redwood forest just outside of his studio.[23][24]

Set in Stone and touring (2015–2018)[edit]

On November 13, 2015, the group released their sixth studio album, Set in Stone. The album peaked at #1 on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart, and spent 78 weeks on the chart. It appeared on six Billboard charts overall,[10][25] including #101 on the Billboard 200, #24 on Digital Albums, #1 on Heatseekers Albums, #7 on Independent Albums, and #65 on the Top Album Sales chart.[10]

Woodruff produced this album in the same way he produced the five previous albums.[26][23] The 14-track album includes collaborations with Eric Rachmany of Rebelution, Slightly Stoopid, KBong, and Collie Buddz.[5]

External video
video icon "Fire on the Horizon" - Stick Figure (Official Music Video) - Nov 10, 2015

Following the album's release,[27] in January 2016, the live band embarked on a U.S. tour with the Southern California reggae band Fortunate Youth.[28] Johnny Cosmic, a multi-instrumentalist, made his debut appearance as a member of the Stick Figure live band on this tour playing keyboards, singing backup vocals and playing guitar.[27]

With the success and popularity of Set In Stone, Stick Figure released their first instrumental album, Set In Stone: Instrumentals on April 1, 2016.

World on Fire and Fire & Stone (2019–Present)[edit]

Stick Figure collaborated with long-time friend and musician T.J. O'Neill on his first solo single, the Jimmy Buffett cover "A Pirate Looks at 40" also featuring KBong and Johnny Cosmic. The music video was shot live on location at a resort in Mexico with thousands of fans surrounding the band while performing.[29]

On August 30, 2019, Stick Figure released their seventh studio album, World on Fire. Like previous projects, the album was written, recorded, and produced by Scott Woodruff, playing every instrument and recording each vocal himself. This time, however, the album was created at Stick Figure-owned Great Stone Studios in Oakland, California, former home of punk band Green Day.[30] With assistance from associate producer Johnny Cosmic (Stick Figure live guitarist, keys, and back up vocals), the 15 track project included guest appearances from Slightly Stoopid, Citizen Cope, and longtime Stick Figure collaborator TJ O'Neill.[31]

The album debuted on a number of Billboard charts, including #34 on the Top 200 chart, #1 Billboard Reggae Albums, #4 Digital Albums, #5 New Albums, #6 Current Albums, and #2 Independent Albums. The highest selling debut week album of the year, World on Fire sold more copies in week one (over 10,000) than the previous year's winner (Sting and Shaggy's "44/876").[31] The album remained at #1 on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart for four consecutive weeks.[32]

The album has garnered considerable radio play, including on SiriusXM's The Joint, SiriusXM's No Shoes Radio, and SiriusXM's Margaritaville.[33] Stick Figure was also the first artist to be named the face of Cali Reggae Countdown on Pandora Radio.[34]

In 2020, Stick Figure announced their first ever headline amphitheater tour. The tour featured support from Collie Buddz, Iya Terra, and The Movement, and visits to 19 cities nationwide.[35] However, the tour was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On March 18, 2021, Stick Figure released their second instrumental album, World on Fire: Instrumentals.[36]

Stick Figure teamed up with producer and dub music master Prince Fatty to remix some of the band's favorite songs from albums, Set in Stone and World on Fire. The full remix album titled Fire & Stone is set to be released on April 30, 2021. A single from the album, "Weary Eyes (Prince Fatty Presents)" premiered on April 9.[37]

Other projects[edit]

Stick Figure’s song, "Burial Ground" was featured on MLB The Show 16 MVP Edition video game.[38]

Stick Figure is currently collaborating with Wachusett Brewing Company to promote the new Cocoanut IPA, which is currently being distributed in New England.[39]


  • Scott Woodruff – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
  • KBong – Keyboards
  • Kevin Offitzer – Drums
  • Tommy Suliman – Bass
  • Johnny Cosmic – Keyboard, Backup Vocals, Guitar
  • Cocoa The Tour Dog


Studio albums[edit]

List of albums by Stick Figure
Year Title Label/Release details Billboard chart
2006 The Sound of My Addiction Ruffwood Records
(April 6, 2006)[25]
2008 Burning Ocean Ruffwood Records
(January 16, 2008)[25]
2009 Smoke Stack Ruffwood Records
(November 3, 2009)[25]
2010 The Reprise Sessions Ruffwood Records
(August 3, 2010)[25]
2012 Burial Ground Ruffwood Records
(June 15, 2012)[25]
2015 Set in Stone Ruffwood Records
(November 13, 2015)[25]
2019 World on Fire Ruffwood Records
(August 30, 2019)[25]


Title Release Date Album
"Legalize It (Medely)" 2006 Sound of My Addiction
"Walk of Life" 2006 Sound of My Addiction
"Ring the Alarm" 2006 Sound of My Addiction
"Burnin Ocean" 2008 Burnin' Ocean
"So Good" 2008 Burnin' Ocean
"We Get High" 2008 Burnin' Ocean
"Hawaii Song" 2009 Smoke Stack
"Livin' It" 2009 Smoke Stack
"Vibes Alive" 2009 Smoke Stack
"Long Lost Way" 2010 The Reprise Sessions
"Dead End Street" 2010 The Reprise Sessions
"Let the Music Play" 2010 The Reprise Sessions
"Feelin' in the Mood" 2010 The Reprise Sessions
"Your Way" 2010 The Reprise Sessions
"Weight of Sound" (feat. T.J. O'Neill) 2012 Burial Ground
"Coming Home" 2012 Burial Ground
"Breathe" 2012 Burial Ground
"Just Another Dream" 2012 Burial Ground
"Heartland" 2012 Burial Ground
"Heartland" (Acoustic) May 9, 2013 (Single)
"Golden Hour" (Johnny Cosmic Remix) November 13, 2014 (Single)
"Smokin' Love" (Remix) (feat. Collie Buddz, Dizzy Wright, Iration & J Boog) June 3, 2015 (Single)
"Smokin' Love" (feat. Collie Buddz) 2015 Set In Stone
"Sound of the Sea" 2015 Set In Stone
"Fire on the Horizon" 2015 Set In Stone
"Choice Is Yours" (feat. Slightly Stoopid) 2015 Set In Stone
"In This Love" 2015 Set In Stone
"Smiles on Faces" (feat. KBong) 2015 Set In Stone
"All My Love" 2015 Set In Stone
"Sunshine and Rain" 2015 Set In Stone
"Weary Eyes" 2015 Set In Stone
"Mind Block" (feat. Eric Rachmany of Rebelution) 2015 Set In Stone
"Out the Door" 2015 Set In Stone
"Shadow" 2015 Set In Stone
"Fire on the Horizon" (LabRat Remix) October 13, 2016 (Single)
"Fire on the Horizon" (Johnny Cosmic Remix) January 31, 2017 (Single)
"World on Fire" (Remix) (feat. Slightly Stoopid, Tribal Seeds, The Green, Common Kings & The Movement) March 29, 2019 (Single)
"World on Fire" (feat. Slightly Stoopid) 2019 World on Fire
"Angels Above Me" 2019 World on Fire
"All For You" 2019 World on Fire
"Once in a Lifetime" 2019 World on Fire
"Above the Storm" 2019 World on Fire
"Easy Runway" 2019 World on Fire
"Whiskey Sun" (feat. T.J. O'Neill) 2019 World on Fire
"Burn the Night" 2019 World on Fire
"Summertime" (feat. Citizen Cope) 2019 World on Fire
"Welcome to the Sun" 2019 World on Fire
"Shine" 2019 World on Fire
"The Great Unknown" 2019 World on Fire
"Life is a Party" 2019 World on Fire
"All For You" (Ambient Universe) November 26, 2019 (Single)
"Weary Eyes" (Prince Fatty Presents) April 9, 2021 (Single)

Other releases[edit]

Year Title Release Details
2014 Set In Stone: Instrumentals Ruffwood Records
(April 1, 2016)
2017 Above the Storm Ruffwood Records
(October 20, 2017)
2018 World en Fuego Ruffwood Records
(June 8, 2018)
2021 World on Fire: Instrumentals Ruffwood Records
(March 18, 2021)

Compilation appearances[edit]

  • Sense Boardwear: Amplified – An Acoustic Collective, Vol. 6 (2008), The Pier Magazine / 1 track: ("Trouble Up There")

Further reading[edit]

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