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Stick Sports
Sticksports logo.png
Type of site
Theraputic/Recreational Sports Education
Available in English
Owner Cann Creative and Advergamer
Revenue approx. 4.8M /year
Alexa rank 33,805 (April 2014)[1]
Registration Not Required, Required only for score submission.
Launched 2006
Current status Active

Stick Sports is mobile games developer and an Adobe Flash sports gaming website. Their first game, Stick Cricket, was developed originally by Cann Creative, a company from Sydney, Australia. Cann Creative later partnered with Advergamer, a company from London, England to further develop Stick Cricket into an internet phenomenon. The principles of these two companies formed Stick Sports in July 2006 to expand their stable of free online sports games. Stick Sports games run from any web browser which has the Adobe Flash player plug-in and Internet access.


Mobile Games[edit]

  • Stick Cricket (iOS, Android, Amazon)
  • Stick Tennis (iOS, Android)
  • Stick Cricket Premier League (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon)
  • Stick Soccer (iOS, Android)
  • Stick Cricket 2 (iOS, Android, Amazon)
  • Stick Tennis Tour (iOS, Android)
  • Stick Soccer 2 (iOS, Android)
  • Stick Cricket Super League (iOS, Android)

Web Games[edit]

Stick Sports have released the following games:

Stick Cricket[edit]

Stick Cricket is a game where the player tries to score as many runs as possible in two, five, ten or twenty overs. The most notable game mode is "World Domination" in which the player has to defeat 18 of the world best cricket teams namely Bermuda, Canada, Kenya, Netherlands, Scotland, UAE, Ireland, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, West Indies, Pakistan, New Zealand, England, Sri Lanka, South Africa, India, Australia(in descending order: Rank 18 to Rank 1). "Academy" allows the player to practice batting against different bowlers with different bowling styles. "World T2" allows the player to win the world cup as their own country, each game in this tournament lasts 2 overs. "Stick Cricket Multiplayer" allows the player to play online against people from all over the world, another feature allows for the first time during the game history to bowl. Many thousands of people from around the world have played and play Stick Cricket and it remains the most popular of the Stick Sports. Stick Sports established two versions to correspond with the 2010-11 Ashes series - "Ashes Fan Challenge" - where a player plays as your favourite country from Australia and England, and if you win, a point goes to the country you were playing as, but if you don't, the opposition gets one point which will be added to their total. The country with the most points wins the match. This takes out over the Ashes series, T20 games and ODI matches - and "Ashes Dominator" - where you are able to choose a country to try to achieve challenges that take out from as far back as 1974 to the final test in Sydney of the Ashes.

Stick Baseball[edit]

Stick Baseball has several game modes. "Training" replicates Spring Training. The player can have batting practice as well as play out a scenario in which the player is a slugger trying to get on a team. "All Star Slug" is like "All Star Slog" in Stick Cricket. The player can use teams from the 2006 World Baseball Classic. It's a harder match and scores will be saved in the high scores section. 1, 3, 6 or 9 innings matches can be played against the All Stars. "Home Run Derby" is a home run hitting game. The player controls a Major League Baseball club in an effort to win the Stick Sports World Club Championship each week. It has a high score chart listing in the Hall of Fame for the Biggest Hitters. A registered player also has a record of their most home runs and longest streak in the My Stats section of site. In "World Domination" mode, the player must beat all 30 of the teams in Major League Baseball. The teams are ordered by the 2006 draft order. After each stage the player receives a password to continue at a later time.

Stick Aussie Rules[edit]

Stick Aussie Rules was released in August 2012, to coincide with the 2012 AFL finals series The aim for the player is to score as many goals in the match from different distances starting at the 18 metre line working up to 30 metres etc. The record thus far is 122 points.


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