Stickin' Around

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Stickin' Around
The show's title logo
Created by
Country of origin Canada
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 39 (list of episodes)
Running time 22 minutes approx.
Original network YTV (Canada)
Fox Kids/Qubo Channel[1] (US)
TV Asahi (Japan)
Original release August 14, 1996 – April 13, 1998
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Stickin' Around is a Canadian animated children's television series from Nelvana Limited, which originally aired on YTV in Canada and on ABC in Australia in 1996 and Cartoon Network in 2002. In Latin America, it was broadcast by Nickelodeon under the title Los Grafitos. In United Kingdom it aired on Nickelodeon in 1996 and Pop in 2004. TV Asahi in Japan. It was also aired in the United States on the Fox Family Channel from 1998 to 1999 as part of the series The Three Friends & Jerry, which was adapted on that channel as an anthology series. It currently reruns on Qubo.[2]

The show, which originated as a series of 1-minute vignettes on CBS in 1994,[3] is about two children named Stacy and Bradley, their hand-drawn adventures with their friends and family, and their fantasies. Stacy and Bradley, best friends, encounter many problems they must face as they continue to grow up - if it is with school, bullies, friends, and parents. They always come up with imaginative ideas to eliminate these obstacles, such as becoming a superhero, and putting themselves in a different environment where they have no trouble in defeating their enemies.

According to Nelvana, it uses the "advanced computer graphics of "Boiler Paint," virtually convincing us that kids are creating their own animated series."[4] The show won the Gemini Award for "Best Animated Program or Series" in the spring of 1998, while being nominated once again during the fall of 1998, for the Gemini of the same award.

The show's original run was between 1996 and 1998, with reruns airing prominently on YTV until 2004. The show returned in reruns on YTV from 2006 to 2008.


  • Stacy Stickler: One of the main protagonists. A 9-year-old quiet but bossy girl who loves imagining many things with Bradley. She often says "For your big-fat information" and "Real mature, Bradley". She sometimes serves as the voice of reason for Bradley's silliness and recklessness.
  • Bradley: The other main protagonist who is Stacy's 8-year-old best friend. He wears thick black framed glasses and a red cap backwards. He often imagines himself as a superhero, secret agent, robot or vampire, namely as Rubber Guy, Cap Crusader, 00 Bradley, Robo Bradley or Count Bradley. His favourite fantasy is that "Aliens from Uranus" are behind whatever problem they are facing, much to Stacy's annoyance.
  • Frank: Stacy's overweight pet weiner dog who sometimes shares in their adventures and loves food. He often sees things as food due to his over-hungry habits. He is very lazy and does not exercise much apart from chasing Stacy on the way to school.
  • Lester: Bradley's pet chameleon who blends into the background and causes a lot of trouble.
  • Lance: One of the main antagonists. Lance is a bully who loves to pick on everyone in school especially Bradley, most of all, whom he nicknames "Scradley".
  • Russell: The secondary antagonist. He is Lance's dimwitted sidekick and possibly only friend who has a terrible odor. He always says "What?" when everyone says "Whoa Man!, What's that funky smell?" and repeats everything that Lance says. He usually says "Yeah…… (Either what Lance said, or a synonym/variant.)". He does surprisingly well in class.
  • Polly: Lance's friendly, intelligent little half-sister who always gives words of knowledge and wisdom. She is often seen walking her lifeless pet poodle, Pepperoni, whom she refuses to believe is dead and she hates being called a baby.
  • Dill: Friend of Stacy and Bradley who has a very loud voice. Often, uses the words "Holy Mackerel!".
  • Stella Stickler: Stacy's caring mother. She loves fashion, she works hard and hates being annoyed by Stacy and Bradley sometimes.
  • Stanley Stickler: Stacy's ambitious father. His inventions go wrong and he's no good at cooking. A running gag is that he's always trying to fix appliances etc.. As mentioned in Season 1 Episode 1 entitled "Aaaand Action", he lives in "his own place" in the same apartments (Latchkey Garden Apartments). He is married to Stella, Stacy's mom.
  • Ms. Mobley: Stacy and Bradley's cheerful but crazy teacher. She frequently says "Won't that be fun?".
  • Principal Coffin: The other main antagonist. He is scary school principal who looks like a zombie and a vampire. He speaks in a slow, spooky voice.
  • Mr. Lederhosen: The other secondary antagonist. Stacy and Bradley's tough P.E. teacher who acts like an army sergeant major.
  • Mr. Doddler: A senior citizen who wears a fez with a crescent moon on it. He was a farmer who often grows the ingredients to make the kids' favorite snack, Cheez Poopers, that are similar to Wotsits. Stacy usually calls him "Mr. D."
  • William: A chubby boy who loves eating.
  • Melody: Stacy and Bradley's bespectacled wheelchair bound classmate. It's hinted that she has a crush on Dill. Occasionally teams up with Stacy against Bradley and Dill.
  • Ashley: Stacy's rival and the wealthiest girl in school. She always wears a beret and is usually seen as being a snob.
  • Mrs. Salazar: A Spanish speaking woman who is Stacy and Bradley's kind-hearted neighbour.
  • Pickle: Pickle is Dill's pet parrot. His name is a pun on "dill pickle", similar to Dil Pickles from Rugrats.
  • Scooter: Scooter is William's pet hamster.
  • Freddy: Freddy is Melody's pet maggot.
  • Pepperoni: Pepperoni, as mentioned above, is Polly's lifeless pet dog. Polly is usually seen dragging Pepperoni around by its leash.





Videocassette releases[edit]

Starting December 1996, Cinépix Film Properties started to release the series on videocassette. The volume 1 was released on December 3, 1996. The volume 2 was released on March 2, 1997 and sold more than the volume 1. The volume 3 was released on July 14, 1997 and sold less than its precessors. The last volumes, The Magical Adventure and Very Hip Presentation were both released on January 9, 1998. All videocassettes dropped from print in 1999 when Cinépix Film Properties was changed into Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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