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Finch Foundry, Sticklepath

Sticklepath is a village on Dartmoor, in the county of Devon, England. It gives its name to one of the most important geological faults in south-west England, thought to have originated during the Tertiary period and known variously as the Sticklepath Fault, Sticklepath Fault Zone, Lustleigh-Sticklepath Fault or Sticklepath-Lustleigh Fault.[1]

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  • The Story of Sticklepath, Sticklepath Women's Institute
  • The Finch Foundry Trust and Sticklepath Museum of Rural Industry, R.A. Barron

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Coordinates: 50°44′N 3°56′W / 50.733°N 3.933°W / 50.733; -3.933