Sticky Fingers (2009 film)

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Sticky Fingers
Sticky Fingers 2009.png
DVD Cover
Directed by Ken Scott
Produced by André Rouleau
Written by Ken Scott
Starring Roy Dupuis
Patrice Robitaille
Aure Atika
Music by Nicolas Errèra
Cinematography Allen Smith
Caramel Films
Area 54 Films
Distributed by Alliance Films
Release date
  • August 8, 2009 (2009-08-08)
Running time
108 minutes
Country Canada
Language French

Sticky Fingers (French: Les Doigts croches) is a 2009 Canadian film written and directed by Ken Scott.


Set in 1964, Donald Quintal (Patrice Robitaille) meets Father Padre Carmet (Jorge Sabate) at a missionary but is told by Carmet that he cannot be given the money. Donald begins his story that he was a part of The Panet Street Gang that was made up of six Montreal gangsters, and that fours ago, while they were in prison, they planned a bank heist. When the heist went awry, they all voted to give Jimmy the money in $2 million seeing as he had devoted his life to God, on the condition of promising to share it when they all met again. Jimmy hid under the floor while the other five were taken away. When the five were released from prison, they met at a parish chapel near the Franco-Spanish border. Donald explained to the group that he had received a letter from Jimmy that they were to walk 830 km of the Camino pilgrimage to Santiago to get their share of the money, with a condition, that they needed to prove that they had changed their character as proof of doing the pilgrimage. They learn that they need pilgrim passports to be able to stay at hostels along the way. They tell the Customs women the truth about themselves and they get their passes. Donald Quintal begins a relationship with Maddy (Aure Atika), the girlfriend of Charles (Roy Dupuis) the de facto leader of the group. They arrive in a village and are directed by a boy on his bike to a church and find the grave marker of Jimmy, who had died of his heroin addiction while staying at Carmet's missionary while the others were incarcerated. Cutting back to the conversation between Quintal and Carmet, Quintal is given the money by being given the location of where it is buried. The gang is arrested in Santiago and while the police is going through their bags, looking for the money, it is shown that Maddy has it. The members leave prison and get back to their lives. Maddy distributes the money to each member as she sees fit, leaving Charles a plane ticket to come and find her in Venice.


  • Patrice Robitaille as Donald Quintal
  • Jorge Sabate as Father Padre Carmet
  • Roy Dupuis as Charles Favreau
  • Aure Atika as Maddy
  • Gabriel Sabourin as Jimmy
  • Jean Pierre Bergeron as Isidore
  • Andrea Bonelli as Passport Agent
  • Harry Havilio as Old Man
  • Claude Legault as Conrad
  • Paolo Noël as Eddy
  • Donny Quinn as Police officer (as Donny Falsetti)

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