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Location of Stiens
Country Netherlands Netherlands
Province Friesland Friesland
 • Total c. 7,800

Stiens is the largest town within the municipality of Leeuwarderadeel, with a population of about 7,800. The town hall of the municipality is located in Stiens.


Stiens was the main station on the North Friesland Railway. It opened in April 1901, with a branch to Harlingen opening in stages between December 1902 and May 1904. Closures were as follows:-

  • Direct service to Franeker in October 1933
  • Direct service to Harlingen in May 1935 and freight in January 1938
  • All other passenger services ceased in July 1936, but were reopened as far as Tzummarum and Dokkum-Aalsum in May 1940.
  • The passenger service to Dokkum-Aalsum closed again in December 1940 and completely in October 1942.
  • The final freight service from Stiens to Leeuwarden closed in 1997.


There are three windmills in Stiens, De Hoop, De Kleine Molen and De Steenhuistermolen.

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Coordinates: 53°15′39″N 5°45′27″E / 53.26083°N 5.75750°E / 53.26083; 5.75750