Stig'o ćumur

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Stig'o ćumur
Studio album by Edo Maajka
Released 2006
Recorded 2005-2006
Genre Rap
Label Fmjam Records(Bosnia) Menart Records(Croatia) Bassivity Music(Serbia)
Producer Koolade, Dash, Billy, SleepGolfer
Edo Maajka chronology
No sikiriki
Stig'o ćumur
Balkansko a naše

Stig'o ćumur is the third studio album of Bosnian rapper Edo Maajka, which was released 30 March 2006.[1]

"Listen to folk, dance, house, and the rest of the scene. No one is forcing you to listen to me," Edo says in the first track of his third album, in which he dedicates the album to Breza's coal miners and the hard life of coal mining.[2]

Song descriptions[edit]

This review describes what each song is about.[3]

  • Uši zatvori
    • "Listen to folk, dance, house, and the rest of the scene. No one is forcing you to listen to me," is the chorus of this song. Right off the bet, Edo Maajka explains in the mist of tall the criticism about his lyrics that no one is forcing you to play my music.
  • Bomba
    • A song about having to pay, literally pay, to keep a beautiful girl around because she's a bomb.
  • Budi i ti
    • In this song, Edo and the featured artists are making fun of the American and Balkan music scene and MTV.
  • Trpaj
    • A song whose main theme is police brutality.
  • Para na paru (uš na fukaru)
    • Money on Money. You need money, but can't find a job and dad won't loan you any.
  • Sretno dijete
    • a song about young people and their problems. Through two verses he explains the situation of one young male and female and the problems surrounding them.
  • To što se traži
    • An explanation of Edo's thinking what the pop music scene is and his disgust for it.
  • Moj cijeli život
    • In a fast tempo song, where he doubled his speed of rapping, Edo talks about how is started in rap and became so famous, but in a very positive way.
  • Za Mirzu
    • A storytelling song dedicated to his friend Mirza that explains the current situation in Bosnia and how Mirza misses home because he is currently in New York.
  • Reko sam joj
    • A love song about a troubled relationship.
  • Moš' me pljuvat'
    • A represent song that is aimed at all the wannabe MC's.
  • Stvoren za rep
    • A represent song that explains how Balkan is made for hip hop.
  • Blažena tišina
    • This song is long-awaited in the collaboration between Edo Maajka and The Beat Fleet or TBF.
  • Nikad više
    • A song about how Edo never again has to prove anything because he has a respectable career behind and ahead of him, but also at the same time he never forgot where he came from.
  • Severina
    • The infamous Severina song. Before the album came out, people where excited that Edo Maajka finally made a song to address Severina and the feud with her, but to everyone's surprise, the only relation to Severina in the song is the title. The song itself is of a political/social nature whose central theme is the people who come in an easy way to established positions in society and manipulate suffering people and blind people who do not understand what is actually happening around them.
  • Fmjam (Bonus track)
    • A bonus song attached at the 6 min on the Severina song. A represent song in which Edo represents his crew and Fmjam.

Track list[edit]

# Title Featured guest(s) Producer Translation
1 Uši zatvori Koolade Cover Your Ears
2 Bomba Oneya The Bomb
3 Budi i ti Ajs Nigrutin Dash You Be Too
4 Trpaj Dash Stuff
5 Para na paru (uš na fukaru) Lollobrigida SleepGolfer Money on Money
6 Sretno dijete Billain Happy Child
7 To mora da je ljubav Remi IDM Music & Zvonimir Dusper That Must Be Love
8 To što se traži Dino Šaran Koolade That What Is Looked For
9 Moj cijeli život SleepGolfer My Entire Life
10 Za Mirzu Dino Šaran Billain For Mirza
11 Rek'o sam joj Sky-Wikluh Edo Maajka & Lexaurin I Told Her
12 Moš' me pljuvat' Nace You Can Spit on Me
13 Stvoren za rep Sky-Wikluh and Frenkie Baby Dooks Made for Rap
14 Blažena tišina The Beat Fleet (T.B.F.) Billain Blissful Silence
15 Nikad više Munja (of Defence) Koolade Never Again
16 Severina/Fm Jam (hidden track) Billain Severina/Fm Jam


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