Stigma (film)

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Directed by David E. Durston
Produced by Charles Moss
Written by David E. Durston
Starring Philip Michael Thomas
Harlan Cary Poe
Josie Johnson
Music by Jacques Urbont
Cinematography Robert M. Baldwin
Edited by Murray Solomon
Release date
1972 (1972)
Running time
93 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Stigma is a 1972 American drama film. It was produced by Charles Moss,[1] while David E. Durston was both the writer and the director.[2] Prominent themes in the film include racism and sexually transmitted disease.[3] It stars Philip Michael Thomas in an early screen appearance, before he did the TV show Miami Vice.


Set in a remote California community, the film follows a doctor (Philip Michael Thomas) who learns a super form of VD is appearing among the residents. He and a few others must race against time to find the carrier before others fall victim.

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