Stigmata (song)

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Single by Ministry
from the album The Land of Rape and Honey
Released 1988
Format 12" vinyl
Genre Industrial rock
Length 12:59
Label Sire, Warner Bros.
Songwriter(s) Al Jourgensen
Producer(s) Hypo Luxa, Hermes Pan
Ministry singles chronology
"Over the Shoulder"
"Over the Shoulder"

"Stigmata" is a song by industrial metal band Ministry, released as a single from their 1988 album The Land of Rape and Honey. The song features distorted vocals, guitars and compressed drum machine loops. The song was an underground hit.[1] The video features gritty black and white, strobe-like montages of eyes, machinery, gears, symbols, the band playing live, Paul Barker on a motorcycle, and what appear to be neo-Nazi skinheads. The song was said to be "Ministry's finest moment until 1992".[2]

The track was later featured in the 1990 science fiction horror movie Hardware, the 1995 Hong Kong action comedy film Rumble in the Bronx, and the 2017 action movie (taking place in 1989) Atomic Blonde.

In his autobiography, Jourgensen writes that although "Stigmata" is one of Ministry's most popular songs, he absolutely hates it to this day for being too simplistic. His complain was that the song did not have any guitars on it but were all sampled; using only two chords in every riff and the second one was bent with a pitch shifter. He wrote "Stigmata" at the last minute after realising he needed another song to complete the album.[3]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Credit Length
1. "Stigmata" (Remix) Ministry 6:57
2. "Tonight We Murder" Ministry/Nardiello 6:02



Additional personnel[edit]

  • William Rieflin - drums ("Tonight We Murder"), programming
  • Frank Nardiello - vocals ("Tonight We Murder"), cover painting
  • Brian Shanley - cover design


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