Still Climbing (Brownstone album)

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Still Climbing
Brownstone Still Climbing Cover.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedJune 24, 1997
Recorded1996 - 1997
LabelMJJ Music, The WORK Group
ProducerRodney Jerkins, Big Yam & Victor Merritt, Dave Hall, Soulshock & Karlin, Robin Thicke, Tricky Stewart & Sean Hall, Herb Middleton, Nichole Gilbert, Jerry Greenberg (exec.), Jono Kohan (exec.), Michael Jackson (exec.)
Brownstone chronology
From the Bottom Up
Still Climbing
All for Love
Professional ratings
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Allmusic3/5 stars link

Still Climbing is the second and final album released by American R&B trio Brownstone. The album contains the second line-up of the group after the departure of original member Monica Doby. She was replaced by Kina Cosper, whose first and only appearance was on this album before departing for a solo career in 2000.

Released in 1997, it features the singles "5 Miles to Empty" and "Kiss and Tell". The album track "In the Game of Love" originally appeared on the soundtrack to the 1996 film The First Wives Club.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Let's Get It Started" (Nichole Gilbert, Charmayne Maxwell, Kina Cosper, Rodney Jerkins, Herman Kelly) - 4:51
  2. "5 Miles to Empty" (Nichole Gilbert, Gerald Baillergeau, Victor Merritt) - 5:11
  3. "Love Me Like You Do" (Nichole Gilbert, Rodney Jerkins, Dwayne Barnes) - 4:31
  4. "In the Game of Love" (Gordon Chambers, Rich Stroud, Kelvin Anderson) - 4:44
  5. "Foolish Pride" (Nichole Gilbert, Carsten Schack) - 5:21
  6. "Kiss and Tell" (Nichole Gilbert, Gerald Baillergeau, Victor Merritt) - 4:45
  7. "Baby Love" (Nichole Gilbert, Gerald Baillergeau - 4:58
  8. "Around You" (Robin Thicke) - 4:50
  9. "Revenge" (Charmayne Maxwell, Shawn Stockman, Carsten Schack, Kenneth Karlin) - 4:59
  10. "All I Do" (Christopher A. Stewart, Sean K. Hall, Derek Sochacki, Bridget Cooper) - 4:21
  11. "You Give Good Love" (Nichole Gilbert, Herb Middleton) - 4:57
  12. "If You Play Your Cards Right" (Kevin McCord) - 4:35
  13. "I'm Not Her" (Japan Bonus Track) - 4:41


  • Keyboards and drum programming: Rodney Jerkins, Soulshock & Karlin, Big Yam & Victor Merritt, Tricky & Sean, Herb Middleton, Robin Thicke
  • Guitar: John "Jubu" Smith
  • Executive producer: Michael Jackson, Jerry Greenberg, Jono Kahan
  • Mastering: Alan Yoshida
  • Photography: Albert Sanchez
  • Design: Gabrielle Raumberger, Clifford Singontiko