Still Cyco Punk After All These Years

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Still Cyco Punk After All These Years
Suicidal Tendencies - STill Cyco Punk After All These Years.jpg
Studio album by Suicidal Tendencies
Released September 7, 2018 (2018-09-07)
Recorded 2017–2018
Label Suicidal
Suicidal Tendencies chronology
Get Your Fight On!
(2018)Get Your Fight On!2018
Still Cyco Punk After All These Years
Singles from Still Cyco Punk After All These Years
  1. "F.U.B.A.R."
    Released: August 3, 2018[1]

Still Cyco Punk After All These Years is the thirteenth studio album by the American crossover thrash band Suicidal Tendencies, released on September 7, 2018.[2] This is a near-complete re-recording of frontman Mike Muir's 1996 solo debut album under the moniker Cyco Miko, Lost My Brain! (Once Again);[2] the only tracks from the original album not included are its last two tracks "Cyco Miko Wants You" and "Ain't Mess'n Around" (the latter, however, can be found on the Get Your Fight On! EP along with "Nothin' to Lose"), while "Sippin' from the Insanitea" was previously never released. The latter track uses the same basic musical structure as "Cyco Miko Wants You", but with brand new lyrics and a different vocal melody.

The album's title is a play on Suicidal Tendencies' 1993 album Still Cyco After All These Years, which is also a collection of re-recorded and unreleased material.

First presses included a CD version, Black vinyl and limited edition colours in Blue, Lime Green, Purple & Gold [2]

Track listing[edit]

1."I Love Destruction" 
3."All Kinda Crazy" 
4."Sippin' from the Insanitea" 
5."It's Always Something" 
6."Lost My Brain…Once Again" 
7."Nothin' to Lose" 
8."Gonna Be Alright" 
9."Ain't Gonna Get Me" 
10."All I Ever Get" 
11."Save a Peace for Me" 



Chart (2018) Peak
German Albums (Offizielle Top 100)[3] 94