Still Green

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Still Green
Film poster showing a split image of a group of people looking out over the ocean
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Jon Artigo
Produced by
  • Georgia Menides
  • Doug Lloyd
  • Andrea Ajemian
Written by Georgia Menides
Cinematography Brian Crane
Edited by
  • Jon Artigo
  • Doug Lloyd
  • Georgia Menides
  • Uncovered Productions
  • Artigo/Ajemian Films
Distributed by Osiris Entertainment
Release date
  • October 8, 2007 (2007-10-08)
Running time
89 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Still Green is an American drama film starring Sarah Jones, Ryan Kelley, Douglas Spain, Noah Segan, Paul Costa, Brandon Meyer, Ashleigh Snyder, Michael Strynkowski, Nicole Komendat and Gricel Castineira. The film also features American Idol finalist Vonzell Solomon in her acting debut. The movie was shot throughout Southwest Florida, including Bonita Beach, Naples, and Port Charlotte.[1] The film was shown at film festivals and was released on DVD on October 13, 2009. The movie was written by Georgia Menides, and produced by Menides, Doug Lloyd, and Andrea Ajemian. The film was directed by Jon Artigo. Still Green was made by Uncovered Productions and Artigo/Ajemian Films.


A group of high school graduates rent a beach house the summer before going their separate ways. An accident in the ocean tests their friendship. The teens respond to the tragedy in a way some people find disturbing and others see as a passive act of loyalty. Free-spirited Kerri (Sarah Jones) is still coping with the loss of her father, and her mother's refusal to honor his last wish. A recent break-up has unearthed these feelings, triggering spontaneous and unhealthy relationships with her friends. Alan (Ryan Kelley) struggles with his conflicting feelings about Kerri and about his girlfriend. [2]



The soundtrack of Still Green was released in 2007. It featured alternative rock music from various artists, such as Bishop Allen, Jump, Orange Island, and The Curtain Society.[3]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Music Length
1. "Busted Heart" Bishop Allen 3:51
2. "Learning Curve" Waiting For Sully 3:56
3. "Daylight" Jump 5:25
4. "Pyretic Eyes (The Same Soap Opera)" Orange Island 5:33
5. "Bishop Allen Drive" Bishop Allen 2:54
6. "Steak Knife" Steve Hit Mike 2:12
7. "Gone" Silka Tobias 3:30
8. "Sunday Mourning" Mike Martin 3:35
9. "Blue Sky" Hank Marley 2:57
10. "Krush" BoyGirl 3:40
11. "What Label" Future Joyner 4:03
12. "Slowberry" The Curtain Society 4:02
13. "Still Green" Steve Mayone 2:47
14. "Fears" Jediah 6:01
Total length: 0:54:26


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