Still Life (Fates Warning album)

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Still Life
Still Life (Fates Warning album).jpg
Live album by Fates Warning
Released 6 October 1998
Genre Progressive metal
Length 51:55 (Disc I)
55:33 (Disc II)
107:38 (Total)
Label Massacre Records
Fates Warning chronology
A Pleasant Shade of Gray
(1997)A Pleasant Shade of Gray1997
Still Life (live)
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars [1]

Still Life is a live album by progressive metal band Fates Warning, released in 1998. The Japanese release of this album includes a studio cover version of the Scorpions song "In Trance" (Track 8 on Disc II).

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

1."A Pleasant Shade of Gray"

  • "Part I" (2:09)
  • "Part II" (3:36)
  • "Part III" (3:56)
  • "Part IV" (4:34)
  • "Part V" (5:27)
  • "Part VI" (7:04)
  • "Part VII" (5:38)
  • "Part VIII" (2:44)
  • "Part IX" (4:42)
  • "Part X" (1:11)
  • "Part XI" (3:23)
  • "Part XII" (7:31)"

Disc two[edit]

1."The Ivory Gate of Dreams"20:54
2."The Eleventh Hour"8:15
3."Point of View"4:33
5."At Fate's Hands"6:48
6."Prelude to Ruin"3:39
7."We Only Say Goodbye"4:42
Total length:53:33

Japanese edition[edit]

8."In Trance" (Scorpions cover; Japanese bonus track) 

Band members[edit]

Guest musicians[edit]

  • Bernie Versailles - Guitars
  • Joey Vera - Bass
  • Jason Keazer - Keyboards


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