Still Life (Talking)

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Still Life (Talking)
Studio album by Pat Metheny Group
Released July 7, 1987
Recorded March–April 1987
The Power Station, New York City
Genre Crossover jazz, jazz fusion, Latin jazz, world fusion
Length 42:30
Label Geffen
GHS 24145
Producer Pat Metheny
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The Falcon and the Snowman
Still Life (Talking)
Letter from Home
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Still Life (Talking)
Letter from Home
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]

Still Life (Talking) is an album by Pat Metheny Group, released in 1987 on Geffen Records. It was the group's first album to be released by the label. It features jazz fusion and crossover jazz, combining Brazilian jazz-influenced harmonies with jazz, folk and pop elements and, along with the previous First Circle (1984) and the following Letter from Home (1989), is considered part of the so-called 'Brazilian Trilogy'.

The track "Last Train Home" was used in a Christmas commercial by the Florida-based supermarket chain Publix, featuring relatives traveling to Florida by train for Christmas. Metheny jokingly refers to the piece as "The Publix Song" when performing in Florida, as the commercial aired every holiday season from 1987 to 1996. The NPR radio show "Radio Deluxe with John Pizzarelli" uses the tune as its closing theme.[citation needed] In 2015, the song served as the end theme of the anime adaptation JoJo's Bizarre Adventure during the second half of the show's Stardust Crusaders arc, and subsequently became the focus of Essential Collection Last Train Home, a JoJo-themed compilation album for Pat Metheny Group. The composition has also been featured during The Weather Channel's "Local on the 8s" playlist since roughly the late 1980s. "(It's Just) Talk" has also been featured on the local forecasts on The Weather Channel since about the same time.[citation needed] The retail bedding manufacturer Sleep Train Inc, which operates primarily in California, uses the track for their television commercials.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Pat Metheny, except where noted.

No. Title Length
1. "Minuano (Six Eight)" (Metheny, Lyle Mays) 9:28
2. "So May It Secretly Begin"   6:25
3. "Last Train Home"   5:41
4. "(It's Just) Talk"   6:17
5. "Third Wind" (Metheny, Mays) 8:37
6. "Distance" (Mays) 2:45
7. "In Her Family"   3:17



Album - Billboard

Year Chart Position
1987 Black Albums 43
1987 Jazz Albums 1
1987 Pop Albums 50


Grammy Awards

Year Winner Category
1988 Pat Metheny Group Grammy Award for Best Jazz Fusion Performance


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