Still Payin' Dues

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Still Payin' Dues
Video by P.O.D.
Released November 12, 2002
Genre Nu metal, alternative metal, rapcore, Christian metal
Length 120:00
Label Atlantic
Producer P.O.D., Gloria Gabriel, David Anthony, Tim Cook

Still Payin' Dues is a DVD released by the rap metal band P.O.D. on November, 2002. It contains a look at the band's ten-year history, a photo gallery with over 200 pictures, music videos, and footage from P.O.D.'s Youth Of The Nation Tour which took place in 2002.

Track Listing:

  1. "Ridiculous"
  2. "Guitarras de Amor"
  3. "Selah" (video)
  4. "Southtown" (video)
  5. "Rock the Party" (video)
  6. "Alive" (video)
  7. "Youth of the Nation" (video)
  8. "Boom" (video)
  9. "Satellite" (Video)
  10. "Hollywood" (Live)
  11. "The Messenjah" (live)
  12. "School of Hard Knocks" (live)
  13. "Portrait"
  14. "Youth of the Nation Around the World"
  15. "Cruisin' Tokyo"
  16. "Crew Cam"
  17. "Very Special Guest... (Los Angeles, CA)"
  18. "Tattoo Mike" (hidden segment on longform DVDV)
  19. "Alive Storyboard" longform DVDV