Still the King

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For the television series, see Still the King (TV series).
Still The King
Studio album by Gazza
Released 30 September 2008
Genre Kwaito, hip hop
Label Gazza Music Productions
Gazza chronology
467/GMP Till I Die
Still The King
Cosa Nostra: Lafamilia

Still the King is the fifth album by the Namibian kwaito star Gazza, released on 30 September 2008. The album is considered a flop by many fans, because of its use of foreign (South African) languages. Production is similar to older albums by artists such as TKZee, Kabelo, Mandoza, Brown Dash and Zola.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Oshili Ngaipi
  2. Nen O' Weekend feat. Ghetto Son
  3. Ongalo
  4. Maspangela feat. Qonja
  5. Mwameme
  6. Gawie
  7. Zambuk (Skit)
  8. Itopiti
  9. Hold On feat. Zola
  10. Awe Mama
  11. Passop feat. Bleksem
  12. Still The King
  13. Mafeti feat. Brown Dash
  14. Skippa Njani
  15. Keelelenge
  16. Full Of Cash
  17. Paif' Opototi
  18. Special Girl
  19. Outro