Stillwater Cove

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Stillwater Cove
Stillwater Cove 1.jpg
From above
Stillwater Cove is located in California
Stillwater Cove
Stillwater Cove
LocationFort Ross, California
Coordinates38°32′45″N 123°17′55″W / 38.54583°N 123.29861°W / 38.54583; -123.29861
Max. length0.13 kilometres (0.08 miles)
Max. width0.16 kilometres (0.1 miles)
Surface area0.03 square kilometres (0.01 square miles)
Shore length10.34 kilometres (0.21 miles)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.
View from above in stormy weather

Stillwater Cove is an inlet between the museum and town of Fort Ross, California and Salt Point State Park. The cove is open to the public. Red abalone is hunted in the cove. It is adjacent to Stillwater Cove Regional Park. There is also a nearby ranch.


Stillwater Cove is repaired from northwesterly winds, facing southward along the California coast.

It has a favorable geographical location which lets only large winter northwest swells propagate into the cove’s repaired environment, refracting around Pescadero Point.

The cove’s depth ranges from ~9 m to ~14 m, while the region directly surrounding the Pescadero rocks is deep ~12 m.

Stillwater Cove has been declared by the California Coastal Commission an “Area of Special Biological Significance”.[1]


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