Stingaree (novel)

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Author E. W. Hornung
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Publisher Chatto and Windus (UK)
Charles Scribner's Sons (US)
Publication date

Stingaree is a 1905 novel by E. W. Hornung about an Australian bushranger.[1][2] It was allegedly based on the Kelly Gang.[3]



The story was turned into a 1908 play by Hornung.[4] This was not a success.[5]


A number of films were based on the book:

In 1948 it was announced that Argosy Films would make a film based on the character based on a script by Cyril Hume - John Ford to direct Ben Johnson in the lead - but no film resulted.[6][7][8] Andre de Doth visited Australia with a view to making the film but this did not happen either.[9]


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