Stinks (album)

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Studio album by King Creosote
Released 2000
Genre Folk
Label Fence Collective
King Creosote chronology
12 O'Clock on the Dot
(2000)12 O'Clock on the Dot2000

Stinks is the thirteenth studio album by King Creosote, released in 2000.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Tongue In Groove
  2. Little Grown Ups
  3. Punchbag
  4. Sulphur Breeze
  5. X-reg Bartender
  6. For Pity's Sake
  7. Handful Of 78's
  8. Hellen
  9. Short & Sweet
  10. Ten Posts, Nine Gaps
  11. A Prairie Tale
  12. Happily Never After
  13. Small Child Bumps Her Head And Cries
  14. La Dc Di Dah
  15. Silence No More
  16. All Over Caroline
  17. Heaven Colour Dyes
  18. Marie [sic] Celeste
  19. Lost Again Billy