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Industry Writing instruments
Founded 1973
Headquarters Italy
Area served
Products Fountain pens

Stipula is a manufacturer of pens, founded in 1973 in Florence, Italy.[1][2] The company creates a line of ballpoint and fountain pens that are sold worldwide through a number of distributors.


The following is a list with products offered by Stipula:[2][3]

Type Model
Rollerball pens Etruria Magnifica, Gladiator, Model T Speedball,
Fountain pens Gladiator, Israel 65th Anniversary, Michelangelo's David, Speed, Splash
Ballpoint pens Etruria Magnifica, Gladiator, Speed, Tuscany Dreams
Inks and refills Dark Red, Deep Blue, Ebony Black, Florentine Red, Musk Green, Sapphron, Sepia

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