Stirling Lines

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Stirling Lines
Near Credenhill, Herefordshire, in England
The Aerial Field, Stirling Lines - - 960471.jpg
The Aerial Field at the old Stirling Lines in Hereford
Stirling Lines is located in Herefordshire
Stirling Lines
Stirling Lines
Location in Herefordshire
Coordinates52°05′06″N 002°47′42″W / 52.08500°N 2.79500°W / 52.08500; -2.79500Coordinates: 52°05′06″N 002°47′42″W / 52.08500°N 2.79500°W / 52.08500; -2.79500
Site information
OwnerMinistry of Defence
Operator British Army
Site history
In useHereford 1984-1999
Credenhill 1999-present
Garrison information
Occupants22 SAS
658 Sqn AAC
264 Sig Sqn (SAS)
267 Sig Sqn (SRR)

Stirling Lines is a British Army garrison in Credenhill, Herefordshire the headquarters of the 22 Special Air Service Regiment (22 SAS) with the site formerly a Royal Air Force non-flying station for training schools RAF Credenhill.[1][2]


In 1958, the Special Air Service (SAS) was temporarily based at Merebrook Camp in Malvern, Worcestershire a former emergency military hospital that had remained largely unused since 1945.[3] In 1960, the SAS moved to a former Royal Artillery boys' training unit, Bradbury Lines in Hereford, which was renamed in 1984 to Stirling Lines in honour of the regiment's founder, Colonel David Stirling.[1] In 1994, the RAF ceased using RAF Credenhill, the Army then obtaining the site to redevelop as a new base for the SAS; works commenced in 1997.[4][1] The SAS commenced relocation of staff and equipment to Credenhill from Hereford with the redevelopment of the site. The move was completed in May 1999.[4][1] On 30 September 2000, the official opening ceremony was held for the new Stirling Lines with the clock tower re-erected on the new parade ground.[1][3] The Hereford site was sold to a property developer in March 2001.[5]

Based units[edit]

The following notable units are based at Stirling Lines:[6][7]

British Army[edit]

Joint Forces Command (UK Special Forces)

Joint Forces Command (UK Special Forces) / Royal Corps of Signals

Army Air Corps


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