Stjørdal Station

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Stjoerdal railway station.jpg
Location Stjørdal, Stjørdal
Elevation 6.6 metres (22 ft)
Owned by Norwegian National Rail Administration
Operated by Norwegian State Railways
Line(s) Nordland Line
Distance 34.67 kilometres (21.54 mi)
Connections Bus: Nettbuss
Opened 1 February 1902

Stjørdal is a railway station located in the village of Stjørdalshalsen in the municipality of Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway, on the Nordland Line. It is located just north of the intersection of the E14 and E6 highways. The station serves both local and express trains northbound to Innherred and Nordland and southbound to Trondheim. The Trøndelag Commuter Rail between Steinkjer and Trondheim stops here hourly.[1]


Stjørdal station in the late 1940s.

The station was opened on 1 October 1902 on the Hell–Sunnan Line line between Hell Station and Levanger Station as the section to Stjørdal was finished.[2] Prior to 1 June 1919, the station was named Stjørdalen, since then it has been called Stjørdal.[3]


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Preceding station Line Following station
Trondheim Airport Nordland Line Skatval
Preceding station Express trains Following station
Trondheim Airport   Trondheim SBodø   Levanger
Preceding station Local trains Following station
Trondheim Airport   Trønderbanen   Skatval

Coordinates: 63°28′12.659″N 10°54′48.758″E / 63.47018306°N 10.91354389°E / 63.47018306; 10.91354389