Stjepan Đureković

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Stjepan Đureković
Stjepan Đureković.jpg
Stjepan Đureković
Born(1926-08-08)8 August 1926[1]
Died28 July 1983(1983-07-28) (aged 56)
Burial placeMirogoj Cemetery, Zagreb, Croatia

Stjepan Đureković (8 August 1926 – 28 July 1983) was a Croatian political dissident and businessman who was murdered by the Yugoslav secret police (UDBA) in West Germany in 1983. He was previously the CEO of the state-owned INA petrol company. In 1982, he defected to West Germany and became active in Croatian émigré circles opposed to Yugoslavia.

Early life[edit]

Đureković was born in Bukovac near Petrovaradin. During World War II he avoided service in the Independent State of Croatia's armed forces to join the Partisans.[2]

Business career in FPR/SFR Yugoslavia[edit]

After the war he rose to a position within INA.[2]

Relocation to West Germany[edit]

After falling out with the government he defected to West Germany in 1982 where he became involved with the Croatian National Committee, an Ustaše-linked organization.[2] Together with Ivan Botić he published Yugoslavia in crisis, in which the two argued that Yugoslavia's large inflation rate and unemployment was resulting in the exploitation of Croatian resources.[3][4]


Đureković was assassinated in Wolfratshausen, West Germany by UDBA agents in 1983 in "Operation Dunav".[2][5] Đureković's remains were reburied at Zagreb's Mirogoj cemetery in 1999.[6]

In 2005, Germany issued an arrest warrant on Josip Perković for his involvement in the assassination.[7] Krunoslav Prates was also put on trial on charges relating to the crime.[8]

The German court trying Prates threatened to take action against Croatian officials who obstructed testimony at the trial,[clarification needed] including Croatian president Stjepan Mesić.[9] In 2008, Krunoslav Prates was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the assassination.[10]

In 2009, Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office issued warrants for Zdravko Mustač, Ivan Cetinić, Ivan Lasić and Boris Brnelić for involvement in the murder as members of the UDBA.[11] In October 2009, German police arrested Luka Sekula, a Croat with Swedish citizenship, for participation in the murder.[12][13]

On 1 January 2014, Josip Perković was arrested in Zagreb. His trial began in Germany in mid-2014.[14] In August 2016, both Perković and Zdravko Mustač were proclaimed guilty in a first-instance verdict and sentenced to life imprisonment for abetting the murder of Đureković.[15]


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