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Stožerni general shoulder strap insignia.[1]

Stožerni general (literally "Staff General", usually translated as "General of the army") is the highest rank in the Croatian Ground Army (HKoV) and the Croatian Air Force and Air Defence (HRZ i PZO) branches of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia (OSRH). It corresponds to Admiral flote ("Admiral of the fleet") rank used in the Croatian Navy (HRM).

Stožerni general corresponds to other five-star ranks in other militaries, and is designated as code OF-10 according to NATO rank classification.

People awarded the rank[edit]

A total of six men have attained this rank since the foundation of the Croatian Armed Forces in 1991, none of whom have been in active duty since 2005.

Name Retired Lifespan
Martin Špegelj 1992 1927–2014
Janko Bobetko 1995 1919–2003
Zvonimir Červenko 1996 1926–2001
Petar Stipetić 2003 b. 1937
Anton Tus 2005 b. 1931
Gojko Šušak 1945–1998
  • Gojko Šušak died in office while serving as Croatian Defence Minister and was awarded the rank posthumously in 1998.

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  1. ^ The design is identical for Ground Army and Air Force: the Ground Army's insignia is gold; the Air Force's insignia is silver.