Hundred to One (game show)

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Hundred to One
Also known as Сто к одному
Genre The Game
Starring Alexander Gurevich
No. of seasons 23 (2018)
No. of episodes 1000+ (2017)
Running time 55 min.
Original network
Audio format Mono, Stereo
Original release 8 January 1995 – present

Hundred to One (Russian: Сто к одному, translit. Sto k odnomu) is a team-based game show on Russian television, analogous to the American game Family Feud. It premiered on January 8, 1995 on NTV, subsequently moved to MTK, then to the channel TV Center. From October 1998 to the present time the program goes on air weekly on Sundays at 12:20 Moscow time on telechannel Russia. The general timing (including Advertising blocks) is 55 minutes. Earlier editions, from 2000-2008 years are transmitted daily on the channel "Questions and answers". The permanent host is Alexander Gurevich.

Absolute record[edit]

On June 14, 2009 the "Bankers" team established a record for the program: it scored 670 points (without taking into account the Big game), breaking a record of 572 points, established on May 27, 2000, and in the Big game has scored 209 points

Record in the main part of the game[edit]

  • April 15, 2012 team "Belyie Vorony" set a new record of 704 points, but in the big game scored 160 points.

Other notable records[edit]

  • Arguably the most internationally well-known incident from the show was a contestant in the Big Game who failed to answer a single question, using his entire 20 second time limit trying to think of an answer to his first question - "What does a musician value the most?". Gurevich, while laughing, then asked him what he would have answered for this and the other four questions, and the contestant claimed that he would have said "instrument", ironically the top answer, for the first question.[1]


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