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2009 Stockholm Pride Parade
Body art at Stockholm Pride 2009

Stockholm Pride (styled as STHLM Pride) is an annual gay pride festival held in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Since the start in 1998, Stockholm Pride has grown. In 2014, some 60,000 participated and 600,000 followed the parade at the streets.

The celebrations normally starts with lectures and exhibitions all over the city on the Monday. Pride House is the festival's cultural centre. It is packed with seminars, debates, workshops, exhibitions, film, theatre and other performances.

On the Wednesday it's the grand opening of the closed off Pride Park which is the festival arena for tens of thousands[citation needed] of people, and in the park organisation stalls, stages, restaurants, shops, and other attractions are built. Pride Park is open Wednesday through Sunday and every afternoon and evening a wide variety of famous artists and shows appear on the main stage.

Also outside the official Pride Park, there is a green and leafy area where people join up, drink, listen to the music and party into the warm summer night.

Many people have been out on the streets of Stockholm, enjoying the parade that ends in the park.

In addition to the official Stockholm Pride events, the week is noticeable elsewhere in the city. Many of the gay clubs have their own events and themed nights, one of these is Mr Gay Sweden.

The festival is held in the end of July or beginning of August each year.

In 1998 and 2008 Stockholm Pride was the host of the Europride Festival.


Each year a unique design accessory is create to accompanies the Stockholm Pride festival event. The Dog-tag is chosen through a design competition, alternating internationally renowned names such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Efva Attling, Lars Wallin and young debutant designer.

Earlier dogtag designers[1][edit]

  • 2013 – Jean Paul Gaultier (silver-coloured berlock with the message "It is beautiful to be what you are")
  • 2012 – Bea Szenfeld (metal container with unscrewable lid, containing confetti and a message)
  • 2011 – Karolina Tullberg (tin bracelet, with the message "Alltid Öppen" – "Always Open")
  • 2010 – Sofia Priftis (scarf)
  • 2009 – Alessandro Falca (silver plate with braille text spelling "Hetero")
  • 2008 – Jake Rydqvist (pendant that could be lit up)
  • 2007 – Margaretha Julle (tie)
  • 2006 – Magnus Skogsberg (bag)
  • 2005 – Lars Eriksson (flower)
  • 2004 – Louise Häggberg (puzzle piece that could be fitted with other pieces)
  • 2003 – Andy Gunnarsson (wrist-sweatband)
  • 2002 – Christer Lindarw (silver keychain with silver plate)
  • 2001 – Lars Wallin (leather strap with strass)
  • 2000 – Tom Hedqvist (rubberband spelling "faith", "hope" and "love")
  • 1999 – Camilla Wessman (white plastic plate)
  • 1998 – Efva Attling (silver plate pendant)

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