Stockholm Resilience Centre

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Stockholm Resilience Centre
FormationJanuary 1, 2007; 12 years ago (2007-01-01)
TypeResearch institute
HeadquartersStockholm, Sweden
Official language
Line Gordon

The Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC), is a non-profit, independent research institute specialising in sustainable development and environmental issues.[1] The SRC works on climate change, landscapes, water resources, land-use, food security, marine systems, urban systems with the aim to generate insights with the aim to shift governance and management towards sustainability.[2]

The institute has a particular focus on resilience[3] and advises policymakers on ecosystem management and long-term sustainable development in Europe and elsewhere around the world.[4][5][6]

The SRC has 140 staff[7] and operates at Stockholm University in Stockholm, Sweden. Its board includes many notable scientists, such as Frances Westley (Professor at Waterloo University, Canada, chair), Georgia Destouni, Jonas Ebbesson, Peter Hambäck, Andreas Duit (all four Professor at Stockholm University), Deliang Chen (Professor at Gothenburg University, Sweden), Katrina Brown (Professor at Exeter University, UK), Pavan Sukhdev (Professor, Visiting Fellow, Yale University, USA), Leena Srivastava (Professor at TERI University, India), Peter Norman (Former Minister of Financial Markets in Sweden), Marten Scheffer (Professor at Wageningen University, The Netherlands), Simon Levin (Professor at Princeton University, USA), Heide Hackmann (Director for International Science Council), Stephen R. Carpenter (Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA).[8]

Specialist programmes[edit]

  • SwedBio[9]



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