Stockholm i mitt hjärta

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"Stockholm i mitt hjärta"
Song by Lasse Berghagen from the album Sträck ut din hand
Recorded 1995
Label NMG
Writer(s) Lasse Berghagen
Language Swedish

Stockholm i mitt hjärta ("Stockholm In My Heart") is a Swedish vispop song by Lasse Berghagen who wrote it when Ulf Adelsohn wanted a new song about Stockholm when he became governor of Stockholm County in 1992.[1][2]

Berghagen recorded the song on Svensktoppen on 7 August 1993 and finished on 10th place.[3] Stockholm i mitt hjärta is in Berghagen's albums Sträck ut din hand (1995)[4][5] and Stockholm, mina drömmars stad (2002).[6]

Stockholm i mitt hjärta is theme music of Allsång på Skansen since 1994, when Berghagen started as host.


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