Stockholms Fotbollförbund

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Stockholms Fotbollförbund
Stockholms Fotbollförbund1.png
Abbreviation Stockholms FF
Formation 1917
Purpose District Football Association
Headquarters Västra vägen 5A
Sune Jerry Reinhold

The Stockholms Fotbollförbund (Stockholm Football Association) is one of the 24 district organisations of the Swedish Football Association. It administers lower tier football in Stockholm County.[1]


Stockholms Fotbollförbund, commonly referred to as Stockholms FF, is the governing body for football in Stockholm County (except some peripherical municipalities). The Association was founded on 29 March 1917 when 49 teams registered with the organisation. In the last decade the number of senior clubs has been well over 500 clubs.[2] There is currently 450 member clubs. Based in Solna, Stockholm, the Association's Chairman is Sune Jerry Reinhold.[3]

There are now about 60,000 active players participating in Stockholm football, this is about 24 percent of the total number of sports activities in the district. In 2005, for example, there were around 30,363 registered players (24,028 men and 6,335 women participants). To this can be added 30,000 young adolescents who take part in the S:t Eriks Cupen.[2]

Stockholm Football is important for children and young people's upbringing and good social development. The future vision is hoped to renew cooperation with schools. In today's modern society it is essential that children's fitness and energies are stimulated.[2]

Affiliated Members[edit]

The following clubs are affiliated to the Stockholms FF:[3]

League Competitions[edit]

Stockholms FF run the following League Competitions:

Men's Football[edit]

Division 4 - three sections
Division 5 - three sections
Division 6 - six sections
Division 7 - twelve sections[3]

Women's Football[edit]

Division 3 - two sections
Division 4 - two sections
Division 5 - three sections[3]


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